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  1. Sure...Ill Do it Now, If I Can Download It(Computers Bein Slow)

    You Know if Their Makin Any More Music Videos And Of What Songs??

  2. XD You Better Be prepared To Keep The CZW Has A Video Game & CZW Is On National TV There For A While...I Doubt Those Will Happen Soon(If Ever)

  3. Holy F**k...You Got A Slipknot Video On Your Profile :o

  4. U Seriously Live Next Door To Air Styles??

  5. Lol...Whoops

    Your From SVR Hardcore, Right

  6. Sure

    Check Your PM Box

  7. So...Lots Of People Have It...Just Set It If You Want...Not Like You Will Get Banned Just For Havin A Gif Of The Same Thing As SOmeone Else

    As Long As Theres No Text On It They Can Really Do Anything...I Think I Got My Gif Without Text...I Could Give You Link If YoU Want

  8. How'd You Get The Gif Inside the Tron In Your Sig??

  9. Whered you get the animated Iron Shiek in ur sig??

  10. Congrats On Becoming A Mod

  11. Might Wanna Change Part Of Your Sig...Says Odyssey

    Thats The One I Made

  12. Congrats On Getting On The Caws.ws Staff

  13. Bump For More People And I Cannot 100% Garentee That The Fed Will Go Ahead...Sometimes The Camera Makes The Video Appear To Be Almost A Red Color
  14. Sigs Too Big

    Use Paint To Make It Smaller :D

  15. and you say this on a wrestling forum?? and i dont like "wrestling" as much as "ultraviolent wrestling" theres a difference

  16. No More SVR08 CAWs??

  17. BUMP Need A Couple More CAWs... Expect The First Show Sometime Next Weekl
  18. what system you CAWing for in '09??

  19. Bump For More CAWs And Poll Votes i need a Fed Name Befor eI Start The Youtube
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