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  1. Haven't watched TNA in months, but I watched last weeks episode (The channel it comes on is currently a free preview channel) and I have to say that this Hardy vs. Hardy feud is great. It's been done to death, but I feel like this is the first time they've ever made a real story behind it. Brother vs. Brother storylines have been done to death in wrestling but this feels like something new, I've been watching wrestling for a long time and I can't remember a feud with this twist). "Broken" Matt Hardy is also probably the best he's been in years. Am I the only one who was underwhelmed with Tyrus being "The fixer"? I figured it was him when I watched the ad back and saw "whoop-a-saurus" at the end, but I feel like they could have done more with him. I'd have given him a new look personally. I feel like him wrestling in street clothes would have made the gimmick feel like it was more than just an added nickname.
  2. They could implement a system similar to the system they had in Bully. Have the character be completely independent and your actions in the game determine your relationships with the different groups in the game.
  3. Not sure how much faith I put into this. Anonymous emails from people with insider info are fake just as often as they are real. Assuming this is real, I'm a little surprised that they're sticking with the Red Dead Redemption title. I always thought the last word was used in place of a number in a way. The prequel to RDR was called Red Dead Revolver was it not? I find it a little suspect that we're getting RDR2 though personally.
  4. Anyone know when the Roddy/Masada match is supposed to air? Not a big ROH fan but I really enjoy Masada. Recently found out I get ROH on TV here and I've been recording it, but haven't watched a whole lot of it.
  5. They'll be able to wrestle for PWG as well. I'm guessing that they were able to basically write their own contract. Regardless of your opinion on them, they're easily the hottest free agents on the indies. Kind of sad to see them sign exclusively to one place though. It was cool seeing them freelance everywhere and prove that success doesn't require a contract.
  6. It really depends on the show. I find stuff by going to the schedule and clicking the shows I want to watch. Some are complete, but some (Like a lot of shows of this years BOSJ for example) only have some matches uploaded. I'm up to Nakamura/Goto at Dominion so far. Really great show so far.
  7. Ranallo is a fantastic commentator and has a vast knowledge about wrestling. I hope this deal with AXS eventually leads to him commentating NJPW PPVs. JR and Ranallo would be a fantastic team IMO.
  8. Nagata was GHC Champ in NOAH he lost the belt over the summer to Marufuji. Suzukigun invaded the NOAH show last weekend and attack Marufuji. TMDK try to make the save put KSE block them. Suzukigun are doing a bunch of NOAH shows this week. Hope it leads to more in the long run. Those guys can go. I hope they get something similar to what Kota ibushi gets, or Omega before he signed a deal.
  9. Has there been any news regarding TMDK in NJPW? Don't follow news closely but I'd love to see them do more with NJPW. They really impressed me at WK9 and I don't have much reason to watch NOAH.
  10. I've never got the hype around Elgin. I've seen him wrestle for the last 3 or 4 years and aside from the delayed vertical suplex he hasn't really done anything special. He's best in short matches, or matches with smaller guys. Any longer than 7-12 minutes and it turns into a really bad indy-puroresu match. Pretty much the same problem Davey Richards had.
  11. I posted the Shiima refs in my topic. Tried to PM you but it said I couldn't :S

  12. I still am. The topic sort of died though :-(

  13. I don't have a folder for Adam Pearce. Folders started out as my favourite wrestlers and when Pearce was in ROH regularly I didn't really like him, so I didn't bother making a folder for him

  14. I like your SvR2010 CAW program. Any chance you'll be making one for '11 (and/or a tool to unlock NPC's for us who are no good at hacking/modding)

  15. Nice New Jack CAW...any chance you're making him next year? when he can be used more life like (with new weapon physics and whatnot)

  16. Not Really, Its Been 2 Years...Maybe Drake Can Have A Long Fued With Someone Now

  17. Yea, Hopefully Some People Will Still Type Up Though

  18. What Happened To GWF?

  19. Another Naptown Dragons Fan :o

  20. Nice Sig/Avi...Cant Wait Till Hes Back In CZW On June 6

  21. Is Your Avatar Edited, With Sabu Written Across His Chest??

  22. Mines NirvanaFanEHW, And Your Voice Cant Be Any Worse Then Some Of The 10 Year Old Kids On It

  23. Can I Have Your XBL Gamertag??

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