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  1. I posted the Shiima refs in my topic. Tried to PM you but it said I couldn't :S

  2. I still am. The topic sort of died though :-(

  3. I don't have a folder for Adam Pearce. Folders started out as my favourite wrestlers and when Pearce was in ROH regularly I didn't really like him, so I didn't bother making a folder for him

  4. I like your SvR2010 CAW program. Any chance you'll be making one for '11 (and/or a tool to unlock NPC's for us who are no good at hacking/modding)

  5. Nice New Jack CAW...any chance you're making him next year? when he can be used more life like (with new weapon physics and whatnot)

  6. Not Really, Its Been 2 Years...Maybe Drake Can Have A Long Fued With Someone Now

  7. Yea, Hopefully Some People Will Still Type Up Though

  8. What Happened To GWF?

  9. Another Naptown Dragons Fan :o

  10. Nice Sig/Avi...Cant Wait Till Hes Back In CZW On June 6

  11. Is Your Avatar Edited, With Sabu Written Across His Chest??

  12. Mines NirvanaFanEHW, And Your Voice Cant Be Any Worse Then Some Of The 10 Year Old Kids On It

  13. Can I Have Your XBL Gamertag??

  14. You Gonna Do Anymore wXw Guys?? Like Hate Or Steve Douglas??

  15. Just Wondering...Whos That In Your Avatar?

  16. lol...And Only A Month Into The New Year....

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