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  1. Definitely. Between the guys hitting the barricades with the same intensity as they hit the ropes and the dives that can often end up with someone going into the crowd, it's a when not an if. Cornette has brought up that point on more than one occasion that it happens on indie shows all the time and fans get some tickets and a shirt and it's cool, but when you've got a millionaire running a company it changes everything.
  2. Oddly enough I was thinking about them as singles wrestlers earlier. Feels like for the longest time when they broke into the US it was near impossible to see them team together and now it's rare to see them apart. I hope they do go their own way eventually. They're a bit of an odd fit if you look at them. Like Gens said, Fenix could be the next Rey and Penta is a dark heel type. If they weren't brothers it would be a real head scratcher as to why they were together lol. I'd love to see a mask match between/involving them some day. Don't know how they'd feel about unmasking one another though or if they'd want to do that outside of their native country
  3. I've only seen her AEW work to judge on but Bea is pretty bad imo. I heard her name a lot prior to AEW but never saw anything (100% due to my own laziness as a wrestling fan these days) and i've been disappointed. Heard she was real good.
  4. In fairness Kenny is 17+ years into his career at this point whereas Kurt was learning as he was going. I've never been able to take Kenny seriously though personally. Everything about him is just so goofy to me. Talented in the ring, but I can't stand watching him lmao You think being a goof is negative trait by default. it's not. Kurt Angle was world class, even when he was a goof. Hell...Chris Jericho is an absolute goof. And so was HBK after his first return. Mick Foley as soon as Mankind became a face. The New Day was already named before, but they're a valid point, as one of the most successfull acts in modern day WWE. Danniel Bryan in the WWE has also always been a goof, until his most recent heel turn. And don't get me started on pre-AE WWE & WCW. Being goofy isn't a bad trait, I just find Kenny himself goofy in a bad way. The promos I've heard sound like he's V/Oing an anime character and it's kind of cringe to listen to and some of his body language feels the same. Even when he's being serious, he comes across as goofy to me
  5. In fairness Kenny is 17+ years into his career at this point whereas Kurt was learning as he was going. I've never been able to take Kenny seriously though personally. Everything about him is just so goofy to me. Talented in the ring, but I can't stand watching him lmao
  6. A jobber is someone booked purely to make their opponent look dominant and powerful. Kenny hasn't had an AEW match under 20 minutes long. He may not be winning, but he's being prominently showcased and presented as a big name. He's the furthest thing from a jobber.
  7. Yeah maybe give them a couple weeks to actually air on TV before you start losing hype
  8. Yeah I too expect an AEW game to be a strictly AEW game. Exception being maybe some content from their partner promotions as some degree of fluff. I hope if/when they make a video game they make a proper sim style game. Similar to WWE2K but with vast improvements. Somewhat terrified I'll spend all this time getting excited for an alternative wrestling game and it end up being something like Fire Pro (Which I don't care for at all myself)
  9. This. The idea only sounds cringey because for the last 20 years, most of the character driven writing we've seen in wrestling has just been silliness that makes you *not* want to watch the product
  10. The scenarios you mentioned IMO all arose because the promotion put more value in the casuals/obtaining more casuals than catering to their lifelong fans. Casual fans can definitely be profitable. The live music industry is a great example of that. I myself haven't watched WWE consistently for over a decade and I still spend $200+ on them every year between the Network, video games and other purchases.
  11. Cody talks out his ass a lot. Sometimes I really wish Dusty was still here to give him help along the way. If there are no casual fans, how does the promotion succeed, or even grow long-term? Is AEW just existing to cater to the same 1-2 million fans forever? Currently I feel like a fair percentage of their fanbase are what we'd consider "casual" fans of the product, checking it out to see what it's all about. You'd have to think that a lot of those are also teens who were too young to have experienced the MNW era who are about to experience a true alternative to WWE for the first time.
  12. NWA is doing studio tapings aren't they? I feel like that way of filming gonna be a shock to a lot of modern fans when they watch it
  13. Thats not what I said bro. Its great hearing yall dont get spoiled, not the same for everybody. tbh if you plan to watch a show within 24 hours it's not that hard to stay spoiler free. Social media is the biggest one tbh and that's fairly easy to avoid
  14. Acting and other opportunitiEs outside of Wrestling.
  15. That's actually a Japanese thing... which annoys me. It's the same in Dead or Alive and Sword Art Online. In Japan, B/0 is select and A/X is back and usually they change it based on the country... but some games are too lazy to do so and I guess Fire Pro is one of the few, which I suppose makes sense, why is a giant X... confirm? it's an X lol and by annoy I mean the Japs using opposite to us Memories of spending 45 minutes trying to get the Kings of Colosseum games working on an emulator before someone smartened me up to this. -- Played a match last night. Controls seem fairly simple yet they aren't specific enough to know how to play. I checked the menu, but it told me the basics, so I had no idea how I was doing what move, or how I was reversing. Hope that changes in future updates. I feel like now is the most important time to do such a thing. In past games they've had niche audiences but I feel like their venture into the PC market in a time where PC gaming is on the rise/semi-popular again has the potential to bring in a lot of new fans.
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