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  1. Acting and other opportunitiEs outside of Wrestling.
  2. That's actually a Japanese thing... which annoys me. It's the same in Dead or Alive and Sword Art Online. In Japan, B/0 is select and A/X is back and usually they change it based on the country... but some games are too lazy to do so and I guess Fire Pro is one of the few, which I suppose makes sense, why is a giant X... confirm? it's an X lol and by annoy I mean the Japs using opposite to us Memories of spending 45 minutes trying to get the Kings of Colosseum games working on an emulator before someone smartened me up to this. -- Played a match last night. Controls seem fairly simple yet they aren't specific enough to know how to play. I checked the menu, but it told me the basics, so I had no idea how I was doing what move, or how I was reversing. Hope that changes in future updates. I feel like now is the most important time to do such a thing. In past games they've had niche audiences but I feel like their venture into the PC market in a time where PC gaming is on the rise/semi-popular again has the potential to bring in a lot of new fans.
  3. I was joking in case you didn't find the humor in my post. You made a joke about people being dumb enough to elect Trump, but the overall message of the post seemed to be suggesting that buying an unfinished game somehow made people gullible or unwise. Just not true. Not really. Seems like he was speaking from the point of view that Americans are paying more than people in another country are. Realistically it's probably some kind of error somewhere along the line.
  4. I remember they said that once the full version is released, those who got the early access will still pay a small amount. I think they will lessen the amount you paid in the full price. Really? I thought buying Early Access entitles you to the full game once it's done. That's how it typically is. Yeah if we still have to pay a small amount that is pretty bogus. Just so you get the notification, it's not true. Maybe I may have misread this artice (http://www.siliconera.com/2017/06/21/fire-pro-wrestling-world-makes-early-access-debut-july-10-2017/) wrong. But it is mentioned here that the price of the full version is different from the price of the early access. Also I don't know why the price of FPWW in US is $20 but here in the Philippines the price is only $10 or even less depending on the conversion rate of peso to dollar (right now its $1 = PHP 50). Here is the pic of steam webpage for Fire Pro. I think you may have just misunderstood what they meant. I didn't read the article but it's most likely that they mean that the game to purchase now in it's beta phase is ~$20, but the people who wait for it to be complete will pay a higher price. I bought it, but I can't blame people who want to wait. Games being stuck in development for years is not a uncommon thing. I think Fire Pro is established enough and will be completed though.
  5. I remember they said that once the full version is released, those who got the early access will still pay a small amount. I think they will lessen the amount you paid in the full price. Really? I thought buying Early Access entitles you to the full game once it's done. That's how it typically is.
  6. Not sure if you ever played Fire Pro games but that is going to be very time consuming. This game has a lot of edit features but it can get tiresome to make even one guy. It's gonna take a while to make a sizable roster if the edits are made from scratch. It'll take less time if the edits are downloaded from whatever they'll be calling the "community creations" system. Even then, it'll still probably be some time before fully fleshed out rosters are available. Don't get too excited for it just yet. We still don't know at what capacity we'll be able to mod the game, if at all. It's expected we'll see a consistent stream of new content with patches, last I knew. It'll be much easier to mod the game if Spike/Chunsoft provide the modding tools, like how Bethesda provides the Creation Kit for their games. Mods will be figured out whether tools are provided or not, on the PC at least. Console version might be a different story however. Hopefully they have a good save downloading/Community Creation-esque service.
  7. True enough. It was more convenient though IMO. I feel like I'd only have the patience to create a handful of top guys from every promotion rather than have full rosters. I'll be getting it on PC though if anything so I'm sure there will be saves/mods of complete rosters released by the community.
  8. 30 Original Wrestlers? Am I reading into it wrong or is that a massive downgrade from FPWR? Didn't that game have hundreds of wrestlers in it that had made up names to likenesses of real wrestlers?
  9. The Big Guy is a pretty stupid ring name tbh. I don't see why he just doesn't use his real name. "The Big Guy" Ryan Reeves has a nice ring to it IMO.
  10. They could implement a system similar to the system they had in Bully. Have the character be completely independent and your actions in the game determine your relationships with the different groups in the game.
  11. Not sure how much faith I put into this. Anonymous emails from people with insider info are fake just as often as they are real. Assuming this is real, I'm a little surprised that they're sticking with the Red Dead Redemption title. I always thought the last word was used in place of a number in a way. The prequel to RDR was called Red Dead Revolver was it not? I find it a little suspect that we're getting RDR2 though personally.
  12. I posted the Shiima refs in my topic. Tried to PM you but it said I couldn't :S

  13. I was wondering if I could have made a request then and perhaps that could bump the topic back up.

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