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  1. Definitely. He gives me the same vibe I get from watching Flair in his prime. There's Nick Aldis and then there's everyone else (In the realm of NWA, though I do feel he is/can be a big star overall). I don't even like the guy in the ring that much but the way he presents himself is top notch. Cody is the only person who can even rival him in that department imo
  2. Yeah. Helped Pagano fend off an attack with the WWE mask and tron. Really interested to see what/if any legal action is taken here. Presumably that appearance violated a non-compete clause. A thread about a name change for Sin Cara. Sounds like we oughta get the popcorn.. https://twitter.com/luchablog/status/1206810736221212673?s=20
  3. Realized while watching this that they quietly swapped out all references to Teddy Hart for Davey Boy. Went back to the initial announcement and it even says Davey Boy but it was definitely Teddy at some point was it not?
  4. Pretty sure I've seen her on shows doing a ringside attendant type role, similar to what SoCal Val did in TNA back in the day. I wanna say she was announced for a WOH match recently as well. Don't think I ever interacted with her personally but I remember her posting here back in the day so she sticks out when I see her on the screen lol
  5. He's def making it more and more difficult to defend him. - Didn't realize Teddy was such a thorn in MLW's side. After reading that I'm kind of glad he's gone tbh. Sucks the Contra/Hart Foundation angle can't happen but hopefully it means they finally do a little more with Pillman. Feels like he's been the young boy of the Hart Foundation forever
  6. Nothing good is going to come from those vlogs lol. Enjoyed his recent work but I ger a very uneasy feeling watching those videos Kind of wonder if this is a work though. The article simply said "MLW has come to terms on the release of Teddy Hart" or something along those lines. Seems very brief
  7. https://mlw.com/2019/11/26/king-mo-will-rumble-in-nyc-next-thursday-at-mlw-fusion-tv-taping/ --- Filthy Tom having an exclusive deal is cool. IMO they need to lock down Jacob Fatu, Josef Samael, and Alexander Hammerstone as well. Those guys are money. InJustice is really growing on me as well. I hope King Mo does more than he did in TNA. I'm not sure how capable he is in the ring but MLW has a talent of maximizing guys like that. Also, I watched Lawler/Davey Boy earlier. Fantastic match. Gotta go back and watch the PPV as well
  8. Not a spoiler per se but a question about a talent potentially leaving. I'll spoiler it on the off chance that people dislike knowing this stuff beforehand I guess
  9. Definitely. Between the guys hitting the barricades with the same intensity as they hit the ropes and the dives that can often end up with someone going into the crowd, it's a when not an if. Cornette has brought up that point on more than one occasion that it happens on indie shows all the time and fans get some tickets and a shirt and it's cool, but when you've got a millionaire running a company it changes everything.
  10. They won the JAPW tag team championships in 2012 under the name Outlaw Inc. So...you could just go with that if NWA doesn't give them something else. I know their nameplate and "In Todays Show" picture in the intro (which is a neat af touch btw) it just says their name but I swear I've heard Cornette refer to them as Outlaw Inc. but I may be wrong
  11. Nah they never said it was the refs discretion & a 10 count. They have said the refs discretion in previous weeks, but then a bunch of wads complained that their fake fighting didnt have strict enough rules, so this week they decided to announce the 10 count thing. A bunch of wads ..and their head commentator
  12. I'd imagine they'll follow the old format where the weekly studio shows are for squashes and building characters/angles that sell you on the PPV featuring 6-8 big, more modern style matches
  13. Would you go to the show? Tickets are like $30 $30 is a pretty good price imo considering you're sitting through multiple tapings Big oof on running their first PPV in the same studio they film TV in. was hoping they'd book an arena for it, even if something small like the size of Full Sail
  14. Oddly enough I was thinking about them as singles wrestlers earlier. Feels like for the longest time when they broke into the US it was near impossible to see them team together and now it's rare to see them apart. I hope they do go their own way eventually. They're a bit of an odd fit if you look at them. Like Gens said, Fenix could be the next Rey and Penta is a dark heel type. If they weren't brothers it would be a real head scratcher as to why they were together lol. I'd love to see a mask match between/involving them some day. Don't know how they'd feel about unmasking one another though or if they'd want to do that outside of their native country
  15. He's amazing. Last week was the first time I'd seen him since his All In match (Previous to that was probably his TNA run) and he's everything I want a champion to be. Have they announced anything for tonight? I know there's taping spoilers but I kind of want to follow along spoiler free. I enjoyed last weeks show more than I enjoyed any wrestling in a long time
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