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  1. Taven's body morph and hair have been updated and an alt attire added to match TKO and Vinny Juice has a new moveset thanks to Spinebuster, updated face morph, boot designs and hair choice. Your welcome
  2. Agreed. Never seen a good Romero for that matter...
  3. Really wish I had the space to have an ROH roster along with my NJPW save...
  4. Only want current guys at the moment, sorry He'll probably be back for BOSJ in May since they're quite short on juniors at the moment
  5. How is this? Available for download now Nice! Just hoping for an update to Archer's tattoos is in the works now
  6. Still not happy with his face, he's atill just a wip atm Maybe post a face pic so we can give some suggestions?
  7. Don't mean 2 bug u but what bout this? His new attire is alot more logo friendly, just cant add his entrance mask without it looking shit New Beginnings Day 1 pack 1 preview (Please no spoilers for Day 2 havn't had chance to watch it yet) These look great, although Yoshi Hashi's belt was white with a black outline. Any chance you could update Goto if you have enough refs yet?
  8. These are great, looking forward to hopefully seeing more ROH caws from you
  9. I need Hiromu too, haven't seen one I like yet! Still this! Timmothy (TheSweatyGladiator on PSN) uploaded an amazing Hiromu. I'm not sure if it's still up I've seen it, it's not my cup of tea...
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