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  1. possibly not because he showed a changed and significantly improved behavior after retiring. I do hope he's changed for the better here too though. Wasn't Ric Flair a repeat offender even in his old age?
  2. jfc, I actually expected better from Taker, didn't know he was a piece of shit too
  3. I mean, that's probably one of the things that the old-timers miss the most about wrestling decades ago, being able to do shit like what Flair did without repercussion. Regardless of what the old sharts say, it's a great thing that this business and society in general are heading towards a safer place for people. What happened?
  4. Smart of him to not burn his bridges
  5. I'm not sold on Hawkeye because of Jeremy Renner
  6. I'm so excited, can't believe it'll take two years for it to release.
  7. M3J

    WWE Drama

    If this burns bridges with WWE, then the company has serious problems, even if they listen to him.
  8. M3J

    WWE Drama

    I'm hoping it's a shoot, didn't know about it though until your post.
  9. CGI is probably decent for it being a TV series. SHit gets real in Season 3 though, holy shit
  10. M3J

    WWE Drama

    That's dumb. Why should a person of color, an immigrant, or whatnot get along with Trump or a Nazi sympathizer?
  11. I like Titans, it's a pretty good show.
  12. M3J

    WWE Drama

    Oh, they're going back to their old ways, huh, at least in terms of choosing looks over talent.
  13. It's random, apparently? If you have Twitter, follow few accounts that post when the consoles are in stock.
  14. Point is, that was a dumb metaphor, and that they're all guilty.
  15. Why would they need to be less strict? Maybe slightly less strict, but I'm sure even with the current vetting process tons of refugees are still being approved. But also, I highly doubt people care about security risks as much as they are opposed to having more minorities in the country.
  16. You're comparing Afghans to puppies? Biden can stop pulling out troops after seeing Taliban go further in the country. There are a lot of other things he can do to go against Trump. I'm not sure if you read my posts, but I never blamed just Biden, I said all the previous administrations also shared blame. Yes you should, because I've literally done research and listened to actual refugees, and the vetting process is extremely stringent, there's barely any risk from refugees who are allowed in. We're in more danger from white supremacists than we are from refugees or Muslims. Your claims would apply to Europe. There's been very few refugees in the USA that has been any sort of security risk.
  17. This whole thing started around 2 decades ago though under Bush. Biden could have put in more troops and then declare that they weren't pulling out due to issues. NO, it's shifting blame because again, Biden is no better. He didn't have to continue pulling out troops, and he could have done more. What security risk? That's horseshit, especially when USA's vetting has proven to be supremely strict. Hell, we do a better job of vetting refugees than we do people who want to buy guns. I also know at least one refugee who'll tell you that USA is extremely stringent, and anything that casts doubt will get the person denied and sent back. Fox News and other right wing sources are often full of shit.
  18. Biden supporters are no better with their focus on shifting blame to Trump, despite Biden's statement a while ago. Both are as guilty as Bush, and instead of playing the blame game, liberals should be finding a way to help the Afghans and trying to get Biden to accept the refugees and give them safe spaces to live in. It's all *censored*ed up and too cruel.
  19. M3J

    WWE Drama

    I love how they'll pay $500 to get fake tests or whatnot when it's free
  20. Good luck! Maybe we'll bump into each other by accident when I'm in LA in October!
  21. That's literally most companies though, they care about profits and making sure their shareholders are making money. Anyway, how do you know they had nothing it took to be a big draw? Were they given a chance to do what they wanted? Were they restricted by WWE somehow? I mean, you could have said the same about Rocky Maivia, as he wasn't popular, was he? Then the decision makers gave Rock a free rein to do whatever he wanted (likely out of desperation due to WCW?), and Rocky became The Rock, and you know the rest.
  22. THe Suicide Squad was an okay film, but I think like Snyder's JL, it's overrated. Harley was the main good thing about this movie though Edit: and Cena and Elba
  23. The way Vince is firing people, it feels like he wants to have Triple H start all over again if/when he inherits the company.
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