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  1. It's amazing how they're going from forcing Blockbuster to go out of business to following Blockbuster's route themselves.
  2. Republicans are truly the worst of the worst.
  3. I hope Vince doesn't see peace towards the end of his life for the shit he's done.
  4. Good old days. No need to worry about money, jobs or whatever.
  5. Vince fought in the trenches as well, but he's still a horrible person. He was surrounded by good minds as well, which probably is why WWE had so many iconic moments, but that came at the expense of promotions. Seems like he's stepping down because of the allegations and scandals.
  6. They don't really care about fetuses though, it's just another thing for republican politicians to rally their voter base behind. Give them targets to unite against, make them mad enough to want to vote against their own interest and betterment.
  7. M3J

    WWE Drama

    I wonder if and how much Linda knows about all this. Wouldn't be surprised if she had a hand in covering up a lot of these things.
  8. M3J

    WWE Drama

    Sadly, none of this surprises me about Vince, I figured he'd be a predator.
  9. That's ignorant and stupid. That's not going to prevent abortion, just maybe some of it. In the end, if a woman wants an abortion because she doesn't want a baby, then that's perfectly valid. There's no kid to kill in an abortion. However, the right are the ones actively supporting killing kids by refusing to do anything about the gun problem. If you guys were truly pro-life, and not just trying to control women, then you'd actually do something about the mass shooting problem and give more aid and resources to adoption centers and biological and adoptive parents. Republican politicians do support abortion, but they know their voter base are too dumb to realize that. Abortion is just a topic for them to use to rally their voter base behind, nothing more nothing less. What have republicans done to reduce abortion that doesn't involve banning it? Ironic coming from you.
  10. M3J

    WWE Drama

    This made me love Becky even more. Probably because of views like that and/or him articulating it well enough
  11. Anyone who's truly pro-life and pro-children should be pro-choice. Far too many stories of women and children being miserable because of forced birth, while the mothers who made the choice to have kids were great mothers. But then again, anti-abortionists don't really care about kids.
  12. "assault" weapons are not the same as handguns and revolvers, so point still stands.
  13. I don't think a lot of people want to ban guns, just have stricter gun control laws. Like, anyone with a history of domestic violence should not be allowed to get a gun.
  14. M3J

    WWE Drama

    People used to say he was very intelligent.
  15. 1. People with guns can't do much against the police, and even if they tried, police and the government have more weapons. 2. I never talked about disarming the public. Stricter gun control is not the same as disarming. Unless of course, you shouldn't be handling a gun in the first place.
  16. I want MORE Obi-Wan Kenobi
  17. The arguments for guns make absolutely no sense, usually.
  18. lol why would anyone with a brain and common sense trust the cops at this point?
  19. It's such a horrible tragedy that could have been avoided with stricter gun laws, but politicians would rather get money from NRA and weapons industry than make the country safer. Plus, their platform is all about rights to own guns, so doing opposite would be political suicide. Gun-obsessed maniacs are beyond *censored*ed up, and they make sane gun owners look horrible.
  20. Doctor Strange was good, and seeing Natalie as Thor got me hyped!
  21. I'm enjoying Daredevil, and I wish it wasn't cancelled.
  22. M3J

    WWE Drama

    white privilege I think
  23. Hopefully being a COO isn't too stressful for him
  24. Got a new job that's likely permanent. And with it, free perks, mostly.
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