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  1. I dunno, he did manage to win another election, no? He's doing a good job appealing to the bigots.
  2. DeSantis is another fascist, it seems. Republicans are finally showing who they are, and it's scary.
  3. I am Indian, but holy moly you're older than me
  4. It is not consensual, especially as pointed out before, Vinny had to pay to keep it quiet, and because he's the boss so there's power dynamics there. This reasoning is very weird, especially since he's also married. But that aside, I see Vinny doing everything he can to make the most money he can from WWE. He might find a way to sell to Saudi if they'll give him tons of money compared to others.
  5. man, it's surreal seeing moves you thought you invented be used by someone else.
  6. Good for Mandy, I hope she keeps making more.
  7. Y'all talk to her? how is she like?
  8. I feel bad for Mandy because not only was she fired for a bullshit reason, but whoever leaked her content committed theft but probably won't get in trouble for that.
  9. Ooh. But yeah in the long run he hurt himself, but I do wonder how much he makes as he's still the top 5 wealthiest. I'm just hoping it doesn't affect Twitter as it's an immensely useful app still.
  10. I feel like their wealth is what makes people look past their bullshit and believe them, especially this appearance that they're hardworking even though they inherited their wealth. I don't think buying Twitter did that much damage to Elon's wealth. Where did you hear that? He claims to be about free speech but he's been firing people who disagree with him. He also used Twitter to tell people to vote for republicans despite them being the wrong choice.
  11. Elon really is a lying piece of trash. I hope he completely loses his wealth.
  12. I'm not but MCU hasn't been good in a while.
  13. I just can't imagine Liam doing this justice the way Henry has.
  14. Cali this Friday! Flying to LA, then going to SD for the weekend for Twitchcon, and then back to LA and going back home on my birthday.
  15. New Thor movie is horrible, wow. Worse than Ragnarok.
  16. Congrats, that's a hard battle to fight!
  17. LA and SD next month as birthday gift to myself, and hopefully NYC on Monday and meeting a streamer.
  18. M3J

    WWE Drama

    Aren't we all? He texted the wrong person?
  19. To be fair, not just Trump but republican politicians as whole. Right wingers are often acting against their own interest, from the time of FDR to even now, for no good reason. It's crazy to see, especially over stupidity like "pull yourselves up by your bootstraps!" and whatnot. It's shit like this that's hurt tons of American people.
  20. Thing is, I honestly couldn't care less about proving the obvious. Especially to someone who's likely not acting on good faith.
  21. M3J

    WWE Drama

    Why would she tell Randy about that, and why before he's about to go out?
  22. Can't wait to watch it tomorrow, as a Gohan fan!
  23. Do you have any data that suggests that wasn't the reason why most white people voted for Trump, or are you just in denial/playing contrarian?
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