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  1. Everyone's too busy to go to the Bulls vs. Nets game with me next week, I might have to go alone
  2. M3J

    WWE Drama

    Might be possible IG bugged, or he accidentally unfollowed her. Weird to go off social media though, for relationship status.
  3. No, only if you're going to a BLM protest or a protest that's not about white supremacy. Otherwise if you do what Kyle did at a Trump rally or white lives matter rally or Confederate rally, you will get in trouble.
  4. America's legal system has always been shit and always benefited white men, mainly the wealthy ones. THis is nothing new. But also, I wonder how many people justifying the deaths because of past would be okay if Gaetz got shot by a left winger, given what he's been exposed as.
  5. Ah okay, that's *censored*ed up, but she's probably a Dem/liberal so I'm not surprised.
  6. Did you see the tweets itself or are you going by what could be easily photoshopped?
  7. White privilege at work - you can go to another state with a gun that you shouldn't have and kill two people despite knowing there'd be civil unrest, and get away with it. Gotta love USA laws.
  8. Dylann Roof was treated very well, cops treated him to fast food if I recall correctly, and he was taken in alive. Compare that to a Black kid who had a toy gun, was shot, and was refused life-saving medical assistance. How does a cop shoot a Black man running away 6x in the back, and then tries to frame him, but a kid with an assault rifle can talk to cops and joke around, and walk towards the chaos?
  9. If Kyle wasn't white, he'd be receiving far less support from the same people defending him, and his mom would have been in jail for being a co-conspirator. If a Black man went to another state with a gun where he know there'd be civil unrest, then opened fire, he'd either be killed by cops or be jailed for life.
  10. If you're there knowing there'd be civil unrest, with a huge-ass gun, you should expect to be attacked. I wouldn't be surprised if Kyle hoped for this to happen so he'd be justified in shooting. The analogy still doesn't work. An underage woman didn't ask to be raped, and she did nothing that could justify being assaulted. Kyle however made the decision to take a gun with him and go to another state where there'd obviously be unrest, and then after shooting he was celebrating and having fun. https://abcnews.go.com/US/man-helped-ignite-george-floyd-riots-identified-white/story?id=72051536 https://www.wsls.com/news/virginia/2020/07/27/police-richmond-riots-instigated-by-white-supremacists-disguised-as-black-lives-matter/ At least two occasions where white supremacists or rumored white supremacists turned peaceful protests into riots.
  11. That's a dumb comparison because rape is different from murder. Kyle literally went to another state with a gun, that alone says everything. What if they were defending themselves against a white racist because of his gun? Just as messed up is justifying him killing people because they had histories, even though he didn't know that at the time. I guess it's okay to start killing people and hope they're horrible, so people will defend my actions.
  12. M3J

    WWE Drama

    Oh I didn't know that. *Censored* WWE for not paying Xavier more, dude deserves it
  13. M3J

    WWE Drama

    I hope Xavier gets his due
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