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LuKe ˙

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    Upper Midcard

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    Kevin Steen
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    All of it. I keep an open mind about music and I love hearing new things.
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    Super Hero
  • Favourite Wrestling Company
    ROH and CZW
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    Cheeses of all kinds.
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    White guy.
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    The Office
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    I make my sigs. : )
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    Detroit, Michigan
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    I like reading, hanging out with my buddies, and listening to music...
  1. Hi! My name is LuKe. : ] I've just returned to caws.ws after taking a little break. I know no one cares, but I saw fit to post in here and remind people about me, because I think caws.ws is a great site and you'll find me posting on here pretty frequently. … I hope this whole place didn't fall apart without me. =p
  2. the graphics look like No Mercy on N64
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