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    All-American Rejects, Blink-182, Fall Out Boy, Lostprophets, Forever The Sickest Kids, Hellogoodbye, All Time Low, Metro Station, Boys Like Girls, Valencia, Theory of a Deadman, Killswitch Engage, Zebrahead, AC/DC, Airbourne, We The Kings, Elevneth Hour, Mayday Parada, Michael Jackson, 3OH!3, Kids of 88, Midnight Youth, Four Year Strong, Explosions in the Sky
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    I'll eat pretty much anything.
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    Wrestling, Family Guy, Simpsons, American Dad, Two and a Half Men, Big Bang Theory, Scrubs & Sports
  1. Hi. I am Male, I name chang alot and i am part of ICW and proud. You will see me hanging about the EWR section adn General Chat the most. My favourite wrestlers are Chris Jericho and Bobby Lashley. I am a HUGE WWE fan, sometimes i watch TNA. I come caws.ws all the time when i can, I am a active member here. If you wont to chat just leave a comment in my profile(It makes me look popular). Don't ask my for my real name or age or where i live as i don't like giving persnol info out on the internet. The second part of my username is my motto . Bye Male
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