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  1. My man has been crapping on 2k since before 2k22, writing paragraphs after paragraphs eventually i went through his posts like
  2. I like the GM mode I just dont like this whole "you want a full stage? Well pay up"
  3. A Cena showcase for 2k23 seems to be a good fit
  4. Also he had different boot lace and I am not too keen on the boxers he is wearing either
  5. Despite its faults I just cant stop playing GM mode
  6. Heel storylines >>>> Face storylines in MyRise
  7. Can you use downloaded caws in myrise? I want to see if i wait for the servers to go back up before i start this
  8. Showcase is kind of underwhelming Some of the matches are cool, but the transition between real life footage and gameplay is lame, there is no commentary at all, there is lame music in the background and some cringe Rey comments in the cutscenes. Weakest mode so far
  9. For those saying the game seems to be the same, yeah you obviously didn't play it I mean you can hate it but dont tell me you actually played one match and thought "yep nothing's changed here" lol
  10. Loving the game so far!! Is it just me or does the belts clipping around the waist seem a bit off?
  11. AC Odyssey FIFA 22 Horizon Forbidden West While waiting for WWE 2K22
  12. I dont want to open a new thread for this question but is there a way to play WWE 2K14 or WWE 12 on Xbox Series X if you have the physical copy of the game?
  13. Cant believe they actually listened and gave the Raimi suit for free
  14. Just finished the DLC The story is still solid but still short Can't wait to see how all this ends
  15. You could surrender by pressing triangle/Y
  16. Aaaaaaaaaaaah MOURINHO MASTERCLASS
  17. Hell no RDR 2 is on a breed of it's own
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