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  1. You re 19 now, wow its been like 2 years since I last heard from you lol (check my username history and try to remember who I am )

    1. .hb


      Oh my god, hey! Been a long time. What's up?

  2. I'm great been busy a lot with my job and college lol i've been watching RAW only for Punk before going back to work

  3. Liseeeeeeeeyy :D the toughest girl in this forum, lol yeah its been a long time, how have u been? nice username by the way

  4. My sig has been there since they made the first vid about RTWM, and what did It ruin exactly u dick?

  5. lol I wish, its Jericho from SvR 2011 (RTWM)

  6. i advice to use to either Ulead VideoStudio 11 or videopad easy to use and so much options

  7. yeah me too I remember it was less crowded and it was a bit cooler than now :P

  8. I meant as guest I used to surf around and watch the threads before I sign up ;)

  9. well yeah u don't come online very often LOL. I am good thank drown in work -_- how about u?

  10. just passing by to say hi

  11. long time no hear lol

  12. yo man thx for telling me about the game its great :D

  13. HBK: yeah probably

    Dibiase: doubt that WWE would give him that push but yet again orton\Dibiase Main Event at wrestlemenia could be cool (reminds me when Batista left Evolution)

    Y2J: well HIGHLY doubt it, I think Edge would return at the rumble or screw him

    also if Edge returns at the rumble I will have no doubts who is going to win it :P

  14. well I think either HBK or HHH is going to win this ( plz let it be HBK :P)

    who do u think will win?

  15. oh hell yeah

    not too excited about Orton\Sheamus thing, I kinda wanna watch it to see if the rumors about Booker T are true how about u?

  16. whats ur psn? maybe we could play online

  17. HELL YEAH, HBK rules :D

    btw are u a PS3 user?

  18. lol suuuuuuuuuuure bring it on :P

  19. hahahaha lol no it doesnt :P

    pm me urs and I'll add u

  20. Hey Liseyyyyyyy :D how are u ?? :)

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