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  1. So AEW Fight Forever has a HCTP like season mode, where you can actually pick a REAL WRESTLER and go through branching storylines
  2. Man I can't stop thinking how far Roman has come since he first started
  3. Agreed, I am shocked that Seth and AJ together pulled such a mediocre match
  4. I have never played a horror game in my life so today RE 4 remake was my first experience, I have been playing it since this morning and it's all I can think about
  5. And then he gets upset when we call him out on his BS and being extra while nagging Did you even buy the game?
  6. Nope I had it in one of the 4 rivalries I assigned This is a weird bug
  7. Oooooh okay Universe mode books rivalries every week but if u choose certain actions sometimes the opponent changes to fit that cutscene For ex i had a Rock vs Lesnar rivalry the they booked them against each other I scheduled a staredown and the opponent was changed to The Rock vs DiBiase
  8. Apart from WhatsTheStatus who are the best CAW makers we should have on "My Favorites"
  9. Anyways titles clipping remains an issue, try putting a title on 03 Cena and see how hideous it looks, ffs 2k jeez
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