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  1. Did anyone find out how to download custom arenas/belts with custom logos? I can't seem to do that
  2. The show was awesome but is it just me or did Cody taunting HHH looked cringey?
  3. Cant believe they actually listened and gave the Raimi suit for free
  4. Is the new Pokemon a system seller?
  5. Just finished the DLC The story is still solid but still short Can't wait to see how all this ends
  6. You could surrender by pressing triangle/Y
  8. Hell no RDR 2 is on a breed of it's own
  9. Arthur is that sarcastic bastard who's life did not treat him well. He gets the job done but seems to be lost about who he is.
  10. fun fact: if you want to rob a store without being recognized (avoiding bounty on ur head) you have to wear clothes you never wore in the city before and ride a horse they never saw u ride, wear a bandana so that the people won't recognize you. *censored*in hell
  11. So I took 2 days off to play this game, returned today and 4 other people got warnings for skipping a day work and they they got caught playing RDR 2 on PSN
  12. I believe you an recover lost horses at a stable, but not sure Not "lost" like it ran away...it died. I don't think you can get dead horses back. Either way, it's a moot point...since I quit and will have to do all that shit over again... You can if u have a revive horse med
  13. Would love to know how/why. It seems pretty spot-on to me. I love turning bodies over to find 50 cents, two bullets, and can of coffee. How else would you do loot in a game that is set in 1899? I was talking about the second part regarding bringing the hunt
  14. Can someone answer this question please I ve been confused too
  15. So something awesome happened I was hunting a legendary beast and at the first time it killed me, so I made it a target to hunt it down and kill it, made many camps to eat and prepare for that bastard, olour second encounter I shot it 4 times and it was still able to attack and almost got me killed again until I got the press O button so I stabbed it with my knife and shot it to the head and eventually killed it, I skinned it, took a dip in the river to wash away all it's blood, head back to camp, sat in my tent and smoked a cigar That wasnt even a mission FFS this game is awesome
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