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  1. Guys which title celebration are you using for Cody? I cant believe the cover superstar has a generic title celebration ffs
  2. Hell Rock can go after Cody, Roman can turn on Rock as he is about to beat Cody as he doesn't want him to succeed where he failed Literally so many ways to get there
  3. The Rock can turn on Roman for failing to do the job I like the unpredictability of it, it makes me want to tune it
  4. Samantha and Cole crying made this moment 100 times better Nothing will ever top this, they freakin delivered!!!
  5. I think i saw a new belt for the 40 Years of WM Edition
  6. The only thing i hated about this patch so far is that outdoor custom arenas lighting still doesn't work Everything else has been phenomenal and honestly this is the state the game should've been out
  7. Check your champions in Universe Mode because the patch messes them up
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