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  1. FUK how did shibata not go over...felt incredibly right (+ the way match was executed Okada looked soooo weak throughout, ESPECIALLY on the finish...v weird; i didn't think it was a problem at all in the Suzuki defence but absolutely felt it here) anyway rly great match on an ok show
  2. tremendous final three match stretch - extremely inconsistent show overall
  4. i rarely 'want' things re: pro wrestling, but I rly want a Naito/Elgin feud
  5. it's a kinnikuman collab shirt...so they're probs 'masks' or something from the series? idk not familiar with it personally was going to be a fiscally irresponsible nerd and drop $100 on an ingobernables jacket but i dont like the dum 'bowtie/hat' logo on the front =\ probably a good thing tbh
  6. its not rly in the same league of shows at all doe, and never has been - no one expects anything from the tag league aside from basically being downtime before the Dome, whereas everyone expects huge things from the G1
  7. ^I would recommend the Kobe Destruction show - the only other rly major show since the G1 was KOPW, and even though I think AJ/Okada main from that is slightly better than the Goto/Nakamura main on the Kobe show, as an overall event it’s a little more cohesive throughout and is a very fun watch
  8. u mean the 7th? as an overall show i thought it was pretty avg; would probably give it like a 5/10 if I had to rate it? Nothing was really truly bad (Evil/Goto match was worst on the card and even that wasn't awful), but outside of Honma/Ishii (which was very good) there wasn't anything else on it I would personally recommend anyone go out of their way to watch
  9. watched latest roh tv for first time in like 2 or 3 years today..tag title match was rly *censored*ing good! Lethal/Strong was kind of underwhelming but still decent also v random note but Nigel looks sooo different haha
  10. DURAAAAGGGOOONNNSUCUUUURRUUUUUUUEEE pretty ok show...main event easily best of night (****), followed by Bucks x Hall/Elgin x redragon 6 man, which was def not as good but rly fun (elgin is over af + is working hard here)
  11. Pillars of Eternity confirmed for most advanced og rpg of decade (SRS)...legit 15 mins in started experiencing deep regret that I just wasted 40 hours on POVERTY AF dragon age inquisition (ENTRY LVL BASIC BISH VIDEO GAME, FUK SO *censored*ING GROSS) when could have been spent on p00lars
  12. !I!I!I

    Youtube Channel

    the kind of quality content u know and expect from the seminal 'fozbuoy' youtube channel
  13. pretty underwhelming show...that said only saw half via streams dying hxc all night Will say while Main Event was not great, it had *censored*ing amazing finish (srs)
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