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  1. » Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... « Trust me Beth has not turned face. Mickie-Katie was good. Mickie pinned Katie and then Kofi pinned Burchill. We'll probably see an inter-gender match and then that's over. Beth vs. Santino was a breath of fresh air. I believe the match was to simply bring Beth back to TV. I think they're waiting till Summerslam to have Mickie vs. Beth finish up TBH.
  2. This was confirmed here. Closed.
  3. The video is basically about Candice talking about her attire and how a new attire makes her excited or something. Here's the WWE.com Link: Candice: Diva Shorts
  4. I think you're in the wrong section bud. This is the women of wrestling section. Nothing wrong with that post though, despite the lack of women. EDIT: Nevermind, you changed it...
  5. Take it for what it's worth... -credit: wrestlingnewsworld
  6. Nothing happens to them, ECW title might get a name-change but other then that, I'm all for the idea I'm pretty sure that they would phase out the other titles an keep the following! WWE Intercontinental US Women's Tag Titles
  7. I know Sorry, I wasn't talking to you, I was talking to Legend Killed because he thought the guy was talking about the game!
  8. He's talking about in real life. The WWE wants to away with the brand extension and bring all the stars together but they said it would most likely not happen! I wouldn't mind it but every show would revolve around the same people all the time. Plus there would be a massive roster cut and alot of people wouldn't get t.v. time!
  9. That would be bad, IMO. I don't have anything agaisnt Cena but watching him take up 30 minutes of my t.v. times 3 times a week would be bad, IMO! (Not to start a flaming war!) ---Why do people keep posting off topic threads? Post it in the right section!
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