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  1. Bolton were so bad, really didn't deserve the win at all but that's football, just can't stick the *censored*ing ball in the net and the same old tactic that has been since Jukey even signed for the club, really hoping when Vassell comes back he will be pretty much like a new signing. Best football I've seen Jota play since joining too, its there under Monk we just need shooting practice lol. Can't believe Mourinho has even lasted this long at Man Utd, Hated him ever since he fazed Kaka out of Real. Also forgot to say before but I am gutted Çağlar Söyüncü left Freiburg, good young defender, also saw they signed Lienhart after the loan from Real ended which is good.
  2. took some wrong players, bad team selection for Germany
  3. please fulham... you better win
  4. man like huncho, what a youth player we have in Wes Harding *censored*ing talent man
  5. cannot believe we never brought a striker after getting rid of donaldson, Adams is a talent yet Juke isn't even average at best yet we still try and rely on him, owners are a joke at this club though.
  6. only bolton player I know lol other than okocha
  7. i hope bolton go down ivan campo *censored*s
  8. gutted adams is out the silly twat, maybe a youth striker can step up or play boga or jota there. Wes Harding what a guy
  9. damn weird time zones, why thank you. :)

  10. I'll change it just for you to avoid confusion, feel special.

  11. me, you know like Chris Jericho? King Of My World.

  12. "don't you mean reina? lo0lo0lo0l0ol0ol0o0lo0l0o"

  13. reina what?

    https://help.ea.com click talk to game advisor.

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