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  1. The fact that they seem to never have any tension between heel and face teams, i mean every single week the Butcher Bunny n Blade have been on television they have been fodder for the babyfaces and it doesnt make their heel teams stand out in any way. and im a mark for the Butcher Bastard
  2. Did they get After Dark from Vince Russo? Sounds like Russo shenanigans to me
  3. Granted for what the game is on Next Gen, its not Terrible. sure there is a lot of things missing from the THQ era of wrestling games on last gen. but they have said numerous times that they are trying for next years release because of the deadline. just look at Smackdown: Know your Role on the PS2... it was the first next gen release of a wrestling game and it was..... Bad... Very Bad.... This is not as bad as that. But things that CAW mode... are terrible, the morphing system sucks compared to the THQ morphing system, as hard as you try you can never morph a face correctly. like Macho man randy Savage, you can not get the lips right as all...
  4. I gave up after the match with Bo Dallas, gave in and bought the Accelerator.
  5. Dusty Rhodes looks old now.... Really old.
  6. The Xbone is not that bad, it's just all about preference, i think the controller feels really nice, the visuals are solid, everything I've seen on it since i got it was pretty good. Granted the only pick ups i see getting is GTA V and WWE 2K15, and waiting for Doom to come out. i'm glad they have the Sting bundle up though, might aswell just get a digital copy
  7. That gets me hyped for the creation sweet, finally i can put to use some of those No mercy mod images to good use
  8. I'm pretty sure its this years version of the game that is coming to the PC, it would be funny if they just ported last years version, But ofcourse, the old models will look... weird, but im just coming from the point that other games have had superstars ported to them quality or not. i'm sure that the models that will be ported are from the 2005/7 era or from the 08 -14 era (a select few models because ick...) but with how open the pc version will be and from what you have said that certain models have been tweaked by modders to look better will make the experience on PC even better.
  9. SoulStorm64

    Mods for PC

    Hello everyone, its been YEARS since i've made a topic post on the website, but seeing as all the excitement for a actually NEW WWE game being made by a great developer. Now that we are finally getting a New PC wrestling game, and seeing what typed of mods can be made for 2k's other games (IE NBA) where everything has been tinkered with and changed the possibilities of what can be added to WWE15 will be almost endless. So my question for you guys if you are getting the PC version of the game, what do you want to see? For myself, i'd love to see a arena mod that brings back the backstage roaming of the old games, being able to go to the back and go pretty much anywhere would make me cream my pants. Also roster mods. We can all agree that the roster we will see for pc will be vast to what people can do, get ready to see models from past WWE games in there, or custom WCW and ECW rosters or TNA rosters. Hell i bet by the end of the year when the game gets released for the PC we will see a six sided ring in a wwe game that isn't No mercy.
  10. Looks like it will be fun, if it has good content then ill be happy.
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