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    Avril Lavigne, Boy Hits Car, Evenescence, Linkin Park, Lost Prophets, Blink 192, Bowling 4 Soup, The Luchagores, Good Charlotte ......
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  1. Listen to this man. Being a fan of X-Pac, I don't think he'll be in the game. Such A Shame
  2. that sounds absolutly crap !! not 2 b in the game !!!!! oj i fink the idea is awesome
  3. !~! ORTON 4 CHAMPION !~! Dus that anser ya question ?? lmao
  4. i dont no, coz u wnt get 2 c as many superstars as u do now as the 3 brands, unless they cut the match length down which aint a gd fing, i dnt wnt them 2 join the brands unless they increase the time limit per show !!!
  5. i fink its an ace idea n i hope it goes ahead, i deffo wont lita in the game, bt slso i wud lyk trish n chyna, i wud also wont stacy tho, n jacki, & mighty molly n thats the reason y i fink they aint gona put diva legends in the game 4 any reason, coz the fans all have a fave diva, n theres 2 many who havnt done much in the wwe which have me recognised n worshiped by fans, if they have diva legends, how many ?? coz i wud fink bout 5, my 5 r {personaly} LITA trish stratus stacy keibler chyna mighty molly bt if any of the divas were 2 make it, prob most lykly b lita trish sable ?? fabulous moohla {dnt no how its spelt} may young - bt i fink there abit old n i wudnt personaly wanna play as them so they myt not b in !!!
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