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  1. I just got home and was still able to get the legends pack, so awesome.
  2. I get this sometimes but only when looking at arenas and I know it's not my internet. So I am with you in being unsure what the issue is
  3. I agree great tips man. Only thing for me tho is I get title matches at end of rivalries no matter if wrestler is #1 contender or #20, guess I have just been lucky.
  4. NP bro. Post a update for us here tomorrow and let us know how you did.
  5. Damn sounds cool, wish my school had been that way. I was thrown in a match after two months and it was kinda learn on the job type deal. I help with training now and strikes are an issue with a lot of people so don't sweat it. I've been at it for years and still do random strikes and promos At work and home all day haha. Just keep practicing and I'm sure you will pass bro.
  6. What do they have you do in the exam? We didn't have anything like that. My first day was running ropes and bumps. That was a long time ago tho.
  7. What's your ring name? RaveWayneBoo same as on here bro. On the 20th I am in a 7 man cage match with "Franchise" Shane Douglas! So excited. How do I upload a photo? I'll post the show flyer in here
  8. I went when I was 15 and wrestled untill I was around 24. Quit cuz of to many injuries. Made a return in 2012 and all has been good since. My style is tech/high flyer. I'm the one getting backbody dropped in my profile pic.
  9. Maybe turn menu music off? Oh yeah that will probably work. Try that OP. It doesn't bother me to much, I just restart the game. But thank you for the suggestion for anyone who wants to advoid this.
  10. I have it sometimes, usually when two menu songs start playing at the same time. I just boot it back up and things are usually fine.
  11. Yeah 2 per CAW as far as I know.
  12. Happened before patch. Wish they woulda fixed it tho
  13. I'm kinda having the same issue but so far only in rival matches involving tag teams. The two time it happened to me there was a cutscene before the match started. So gonna test out more later what exactly is the cause.
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