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  1. I got my first sleeve done on saturday and basically my artist screwed me by telling me to use Aquaphor to heal it. I find out it just draws the ink right out of the skin lmfao Do you have any tattoos and what did you use while it healed?
  2. You would think there would be more drivers or conductors to prevent all of those things. Weird.
  3. Thank you all for cooperating, too My mom has too much time on her hands, and kind of proved why it's so fun looking people up lmao Ex was an idiot for not having two numbers. She tried to post another ad while we were "working things out" by spelling out her number (six three one instead of 631) and she still got caught. *censored*ing dumb what was I thinking. SHE COULDN'T BE WITH SOMEBODY WHO DIDN'T TRUST HER BLAH BLAH BLAH EARN IT HOE
  4. Tebow isn't doing any harm if he gives it his all, he has a baseball background and his critics always called him a "good athlete, not football player" so what could he do? Try his second favorite sport at a less advanced level. It's not like what Punk did by going straight to the majors. This is coming from a Mets fan, too. I'm sure he could give the kids some wisdom of playing through adversity, too.
  5. Lol it's like you know exactly what has been stuck in my mind for months. Oddly, yeah, I wish I never knew about it because other than the secret, we got a long great and we understood each other, made each other happy, etc. I do regret lashing out because I did love her. It was a shitty situation. Everyone close around me who knew about it were against the idea of me continuing the relationship, so that played a role in why I grew so upset. Maybe she would have stopped maybe she wouldn't have, but in that time with her I was happy, so I do regret part of it.
  6. That's sad. Sucks for you because obviously you care about her. Sucks for her because it sounds like her ex broke her pretty bad and she's gonna treat everyone with that him-or-me mentality. Unless she finds one of those "Yes baby. Whatever you want baby" who doesn't question her on anything, which... good luck, she's not gonna be able to trust anybody for a long term. It's just funny how that works, isn't it? "You lied to ME... even though you didn't, you just knew something and didn't tell me you knew. THAT constitutes a lie. Me not telling you I'm an escort... totally fine doe" v_v Absolutely. She successfully justified herself in her own head to protect her sanity while manipulating mine it seemed. I was her "yes man" for awhile because she never really did me wrong, you know? When that happened it was just human emotion that came out and she couldn't accept that. Very sad.
  7. She was apologetic until I showed her adversity in her actions. That's when it became more about how I handled the situation rather than why we were in the situation in the first place (she was real bitter about me not telling her as soon as I found out. She said she couldn't trust me because I lied to her for a week. ha.) And you're right, she probably only loved the idea of me, you know? Once I wasn't an enabler, once I knew who she actually was, it was eggshells from there on out. Actions over words, moral of the story. Oh and she couldn't be seen around my family anymore because I told her that they weren't completely accepting of her lifestyle immediately. I feel like if you love somebody, you don't cowardly run from that. You face the mess you made and make it right.
  8. Basically, I was dating a girl for a few months after being a friend for about a year. Her ex was "abusive" and I helped her through her time dealing with that breakup and the depression she was going through. Fast forward a few months, she invited me and my family to her sister's wedding. My mom is nosy and googled my gf's number (her number was on the invitation) a week before the event and the results were a bunch of escort ads of hers. Obviously, my mind was blown but I wasn't prepared to tell her because you know, it was going to change everything. I went to the wedding (family didn't because they no longer supported the relationship) and went another week with that shit bottled up inside until I searched her number again to find she was still doing it. I gave her a chance to come clean when I asked her if she was hiding anything and she said no. Then I told her I knew, and she was like "yeah, I used to be an escort" and I was like "used to be as in a few hours ago?" and thennnnn I just took everything she would say as a lie. What got to her the most was when I asked her how long she had been doing it and she said since her last relationship. That embarrassed me enough to blurt out "so you lost your virginity to the wrong guy and now you'll give yourself up to anybody?" I knew it was a cold thing to say but I was emotional, and I apologized for that line. She had never seen me that way before so it terrified her. From there it seemed like the only person who was in the wrong was me, because of her emotional issues everything came back to how I handled the situation by "hiding the truth I knew." I was pretty much in defense for a month after. I wanted to work things out but she broke up with me after a month of awkward hostility from her because I made her feel like less of a person after our only argument and couldn't face my parents again. *Censored* me, right? So this entire summer I've spent a long time consumed in my thoughts on what is cheating and what isn't, what is love and what isn't, and what can be forgiven and what can't.
  9. .. was a prostitute / hooker / escort from somebody other than them (so he/she was keeping a secret) what would you do? Would you be angry? Would you accept it as if it was just a job? Would you cut them off immediately without explanation?
  10. I don't have a problem with the suits. They look a lot like they did in the original movie. But Rita looks more like Divatox from Power Rangers Turbo.
  11. I compare The Governor/Woodbury to Lots-O/Sunnyside from Toy Story 3 and Negan to Hopper from A Bug's Life.
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