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  1. I compare The Governor/Woodbury to Lots-O/Sunnyside from Toy Story 3 and Negan to Hopper from A Bug's Life.
  2. Lmao what better way to follow up a ridiculous season finale of TWD with an equally puzzling premiere of an awkward spinoff show. I'm sure I'll dig it by season 6 but right now.. it's funny.
  3. Exactly. I was legitimately fearing the situation. There was no way (Carol wasn't doing shit this time around) they were all getting out of that unscathed. Between Rick's face, Maggie's pain and the rest of the group's emotions just pouring through the screen; the goosebumps I had was credited to good tv.. and then the final minute just let the air out of that entire scene.
  4. Didn't even think about the trailers. Wow. This move was COMPLETELY unnecessary. The most iconic scene in the comics turned awkward on screen.. on purpose.
  5. Lmao as if their shirts weren't already overpriced, they add another 10 just for a box of cereal
  6. ^LOL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KO1_SXQVuOM Fan made but still awesome
  8. I didn't understand Eden in that scene until you just pointed it out. Still hope we get one more episode with just 60 minutes of Glenn and Maggie, too. I feel like it's well overdue and we're kind of owed one after all of the finale speculation.
  9. We finally get a Rick and Daryl episode and they are stupid af together. I suppose it was for comedic relief after the last 9 episodes.
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