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  1. Seriously, why are these the first good photos that I am seeing? If motion blue is *censored*ing up the models, I hope 2k patches that out
  2. Got the trial of madden16 last night. Damn i dont know if i want to buy it and if i do what version (delux,super deluxe, or standard.) Ea focuses on ultimate team way to much. And if are not spending mad money on packs you have no shot. Draft champions helps this but for me im a franchise guy. And they just didnt add yo much to owner mode besides goals which is great but damn,still got the same relocation choices and teams? Why cant i make my own uniforms and teams like on the n64? Oh yea because of UT. Game play got a little upgrade with playmaker buttons.I think its most effective at the qb position. Being able to put the ball where u want it is awesome. At defense, its ok. Graphics are awesome.oh well. Maybe ill order it tuesday.
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