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  1. Dont know if this is a bug, but Ive used 838 images (after deleting unused) I am trying to download the barbarian from cc and its says I cannot have over 1000. I doubt this caw has 162 images. There a workaround for this!
  2. nystyle

    Rose and Tensai PS4

    There used to be a good Adam rose (main roster debut) and tensai on cc. Did anyone on here create them and if so can you put them up again? The good tensai on cc now must have a lot of images because I have 943 and when I try dl it it tells me I cant have over 1000.
  3. Exhibition was a mess for me. Even after the patch. Went back to 2K19 because got tired of ps4 error codes and glitches nonstop.
  4. Lets put together a list of those still creating in 2k19 for both ps4 and Xbox since 2K20 crashed and burned.
  5. Who is still creating in 2k19 so I know who to search for.
  6. Havent been here in a bit....game running any better?
  7. Isnt this the version that should be released on switch, not ps4 and Xbox
  8. I just saw that managers cant be made in to playable characters
  9. Forbes gave it a 5.25 out of 10. Their wwe games reviewer is good and a big fan so a 5.25 from him cements for me just how bad this seems to be.
  10. A few youtubers that were at the event have said no
  11. And the smack down 20th anniversary box has mr. America on it yet he isnt in either....
  12. I expected this when they mentioned it was halloween themed.,
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