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  1. 1. Royal rumble to unlock Cena. I get all the way to the final 3 and they always throw me out due to low health. Any tips as far as making it to the end and being healthy enough to win? Most of the opponents reverse 90% of the moves. 2. How do you win triple threat matches? I cant figure out a way to keep one guy down or away long enough to get a pin/submission on the other guy. The Mysterio-Kalisto Wrestlemania triple threat had me stalled.
  2. Lets put together a list of those still creating in 2k19 for both ps4 and Xbox since 2K20 crashed and burned.
  3. I expected this when they mentioned it was halloween themed.,
  4. You can always sell the SuperCard codes that are in it for 30-40 bucks.I always give my code away, if I knew they were worth that much I'd have sold them every time. Last year I got $95 for the two super cards.
  5. People still thought in January that ciampa and Nikki cross were a surprise dlc
  6. Yes, all 4 packs are under the originals brand.People have hope, that's all it is. Gotcha
  7. Isnt the originals the only dlc?
  8. I figured no mans land was an all womens originals dlc
  9. If they ever do a celeb again I want sly Stallone Rocky iv version. Sly and WWE are always in good terms and hes a huge fan. Throw him a bone. Give us Rocky I as an alternate.
  10. I really doubt that WWE care about their video game enough to delay anything to make sure it gets into the game. Plus he's DLC, no delay would be necessary to include him. Thq used to say all WWEs involvement was checking over the roster the company submitted, making necessary changes, and having WWE approve in game models attires. They werent involved in cut offs, what is dlc, etc.
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