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  1. ^ that ending and the Chichi moments
  2. ^ that ending and the Chichi moments
  3. Very interested and hyped about it.
  4. I'm still a fan of my idea and this arc just showed Goku die with the flashback. I do see your argument and understand it, but feel like there's too much focus on Trunks(both of them) to ignore the possibility. Future Trunks' world can still have a plethora of reasonably strong opponents. Maybe bring a movie villian into the mix. We do have the Xenoverse villians as well. Just throwing the idea that Goku and Vegeta don't make it through this arc, Trunks and Bulma stay in the future with Future Trunks and then the Time Patrol gets started.
  5. It feels like to me, the show is trying to make Trunks the main character. Possibly, we see Goku and Vegeta die in this arc near the end, and present Trunks becomes the savior.
  6. Anyone else suspect that the show is working to pass the torch to Trunks?
  7. I am a fan of the new outfit. White works here for me
  8. I just wake up and I find this on yahoo. https://youtu.be/wEKTjh_ykQY
  9. Girl Meets World is on there now, started binging on it and I love it.
  10. Zombeavers. A terrible film but I loved it. It felt like the original Evil Dead but differed by aiming to be a comedy.
  11. Technically Fat Buu did train. By proxy of absorbing all of those Kais. But part of me thinks he could train more.
  12. You are talking about the series and artist that recycled designs over and over for years.
  13. In the Buu saga, Krillin finally gets a girl and settles down. Making a kid and whatnot while getting old. Oh and his wife is 18.
  14. Im curious as to how the discussion on cutting Trunks tail went. Must of been the Saiyan version of getting circumcised to Vegeta haha.
  15. If theres an amiibo you are really wanting and not wanting to spend a shit ton of cash on one. Go to a gaming convention. The one I just went to with a friend, he bought a $50 Japanese Villager amiibo.
  16. He could destroy the planet but what if Vader threw the blast away before so?
  17. Thats it though. We are looking at Darth Vader as if hes equal to Captain America, but hes a lot stronger than that. He has a great range of area with his force abilities and I want to say that the strength of his force abilities are just as strong as Friezas raw strength. Making his force shields and such able to withstand the attacks. But maybe im completely wrong with all this.
  18. As much as I go off to say that I am not a Star Wars fan, I do believe this to be a decent match up. Whereas Frieza can and will surpass Darth Vader in strength and power, I have to day the force will be enough to stand against Frieza. In close range combat, I would give it to Frieza as im sure Vader cant take a punch, but a precise block with the lightsaber would leave Frieza missing a limb. And from what im aware of, the force supplies Vader with premonitions of the fight he could prepare for. Would he win? To me, its not safe to say who would.
  19. In comics and such, Darth Vader has gone off to perform some incredible feats. Im sure he can shield himself from any ki blast and possibly throw them back. I think a mistake people are making with this is that we are basing Jedis to just be superhuman on a range of Captain America, but they arent humans to begin with.
  20. The strength of his force is what I mean.
  21. Whod win in this fight? Frieza vs Darth Vader. They are similar in speed, durability, and strength I believe.
  22. Well ill still enjoy it regardless. The voices if Vegeta, Trunks, and Roshi will be there as well.
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