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The Devil Himself

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About The Devil Himself

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    Main Eventer
  • Birthday 09/16/1991

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  • Favourite Wrestler
    Velvet Sky.
  • Favourite Music
    Rock,Metal and Scremo(loljerry)
  • Star (Zodiac) Sign
  • Favourite Wrestling Company
    The one with the Violence and stuff. Mainly TNA though cause my girl is there. =)
  • Orientation
  • Favourite Food
    Velvet Sky 'hqhq'
  • Ethnicity
    I'm pourticricany, Indainish
  • Favourite TV Show
    TNA, House,
  • Sig/Avatar Credits
    Depends (Big Evil on teh Gifs on the wall ;D)

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    Only the third biggest state ever..
  • Interests
    Velvet Sky, Music, GFX, Wrastlin and moar Velvet Sky.
  1. wow I guess I was late on this thing. Can I be new for a quick Second xD
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