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    Mark Jindrak
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    Anything catchy or rocky =]: Nickelback, Panic!, The Feeling, Hana Parkinen, Evanescence, PARAMORE (W00t!), Timbaland, Hard-Fi, Seether, 30 Seconds To Mars, Nonpoint etc...
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    DTP Operator
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    White Christian
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    TNA !MPACT or Lost

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    Birmingham, England
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    ICW E-Fed (Really enjoy it)<br />Going out with friends (Always cool)<br />Caws.ws Forum (Iz Meh Fave)<br />MSN (Great for in depth convos with people you hardly know)<br />
  1. OT: An rpg is a role playing game...look on the rpg section of the forum...you sign up as a wrestler and pretend to be them by talking to other memebrs or walking around/ training.
  2. Flaming like that can surely mean he will be banned sometime soon...
  3. I think it may just be a rumour...but there's a part of me hoping the brands all merge together. But what about the shows? I'm sure there will be a Smackdown! and Raw show, but ECW?? That's like a completely seperate brand...its confusing at the moment
  4. Please move this topic to the WWE section, he has posted in the SvR 2008 section Click here
  5. wrong section...please move this to the WWE section
  6. diva legends would be cool. doubt chyna would be a legend though as she fell out with wwe...
  7. It would be great if you could cut these in 24/7 mode. You could pick the lighting for your promos or where you want it to take place (locker room/ boiler room --Kane style--). In interviews you could pick your tone of speech and you actions, like you could threaten the interviewer. Plus it would be good if you could do in ring segments. What do you guys think?
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