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  1. I wanna be hype for this movie but I'm skeptical.
  2. So Luthor gets a backstory or we see a transformation or something then.
  3. Some people are saying the whole thing is a work for a GFW invasion of ex TNA guys.
  4. I'm not really a fan of WWE embracing the Suplex City phrase. That kind've stuff stops being fun once they get ahold of it and make it a WWE thing, like what they did with Fandangoing and even the YES stuff to an extent.
  5. The Hogan and 4H ones are pretty sweet. I'm surprised there isn't one with Savage.
  6. https://twitter.com/FightOwensFight/status/604741390107586561 Reminds me of the Cena inspired Kill Steen Kill shirt. Might actually buy that one.
  7. More spinoff news: Anybody who's watched the Sons of Anarchy might know her as Colette from the last season or two.
  8. They named the characters for the spinoff IIRC. One was named Andrea but not the same character or actor.
  9. Friggin TWD FB page spoiled it for me.
  10. Just saw S2 playing on a channel besides AMC, was surprising.
  11. Only they wouldn't, because that's the exact opposite of what a cameo appearance would mean.
  12. I just saw on ROH's Facebook page that they put out a DVD today featuring guys who went to TNA & WWE, like Bryan, Rollins, etc. and noticed that they had this match on the DVD: Any of them sign with WWE or TNA? I know Steen had a tryout for WWE but I hadn't heard that he got signed.
  13. This sitting on a roof and eating Ice cream thing was intense Pudding
  14. That was so *censored*ing hardcore
  15. I swear I saw a zombie in the tunnel last night that looked like Bub from Day of the Dead.
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