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  1. How has online has it gotten better
  2. Orange County Choppers created the WWE and universe title
  3. Raven is the only wrestler to have a ECW WWE WCW a TNA action figure made Smackdown was originally supposed to be a 2-hour women show WrestleMania 16 did not have a single male wrestling match on the card
  4. I kind of want them to do a Netflix series on Scotty Pilgrim versus the world
  5. Maybe I missed something but who is the woman that meet Arthur and keeps running away from him every time they meet up somewhere
  6. So just found out the guy from sexual education is the same guy from The Boy in the Striped Pajamas
  7. That Vince is a badass he walked to his car with two torn quads because he didn't want an ambulance and has a boat called The sexy b****
  8. That the ramp used to launch Mysterio it's a sky first entrance was bought from Garth Brooks
  9. Man I'm,surpiae author didn't,starve never fed him,or the horse it was pain to keep having to remember
  10. So rebooting a reboot a show that was rebooted from the original
  11. So the original ending to Bird Box is so much a darker if you read the novel
  12. Probably oversight from the development since you can eagle-eye every other lockbox and since it's technically a lockbox
  13. I don't think that's true. If it was true...they wouldn't word it like that. I don't know cuz every time they do a price increase I never had to pay more than I've been paying and they've done a lot of price increase lately
  14. Well I guess it's based on a book so I probably going to have to pick up the book and I'll probably explain it
  15. Saw Bird Box I can understand why people are not liking it they don't really explain anything it's very slow pace that leaves pretty much to nowhere it really feels like a m Night Shyamalan movie but without a plot twist the acting was pretty good t cast though
  16. How a much of good guy like Elijah Burke really is
  17. That taker isn't a grand slam Champion they really should at least have them win the Intercontinental title for like one night
  18. Really I thought it was a chick at first It was John Laurinaitis playing Santa cuz it sounded like him
  19. The final season of A Series of Unfortunate Events is out now
  20. since they brought other characters in from other series not owned by Nintendo I think the sora or one of the other characters from Kingdom Hearts wood really work in this game
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