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  1. This game probably has the best snow of any game I've ever seen
  2. I kill gaints not a bad movie not what I was expecting
  3. I'm iffy about this game is it like the old PS2 games
  4. Maybe just me but yeah great story but my face thing is hunting on horse back and train
  5. Skyscaper good for ur basic summer action movie nothing more nothing less
  6. Saw the trailer forwelcome to marwen while I went to see Mamma Mia 2 and I really want to see it now it looks very interesting and the facts made by the same people who made Forrest Gump
  7. I've been on a vacation for a while so I didn't catch most of the World Cup but my thought on it was You think Germany will learn not to go into Russia unprepared after last time they did And bye bye Mexico there no way there Game Pass Brazil
  8. Honestly I can totally see them doing human dinosaurs now with the direction that going cuz the series not going to end until they kill woo
  9. Is it me or every boat in a movie or almost every movie is called Arcadia I noticed this while watching the new Jurassic Park Speaking of which it wasn't as great as I thought it was and the trailer was kind of misleading
  10. The true story of the movie tagged https://youtu.be/d8C-VFbP-JQ
  11. That's probably too unrealistic for GTA games and don't forget you also get that golden revolver if you got it in GTA 2
  12. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic from The Game Pass
  13. Not to mention depending on what version you order you get anywhere from $500,000 to. 2 million for your GTA account
  14. action Point not a single life in theaters I thought it was going to be something like what Bad Grandpa was nowhere near it
  15. well time to cancel my pre-order and move that money to something that comes out a little sooner
  16. Honestly after seeing multiple trailers for Emoji Movie it seems more like a low-budget version of inside out
  17. No I know I see a snowman ending the same way as those type of other movies do with the the Killer being someone that was working with her or she thought was a friend
  18. Dunkirk is probably the best movie of this year it's amazing how that intensely made that movie with little to no dialogue
  19. I'm ok with this to many games I been waiting on come out in the fall so one less stress on my bank account haha
  20. His finsher is the cart attack
  21. On that note if made right a watch dog assassin creed cross over could work
  22. There was mentions in the last game which for,me consider it in the same universe so same chronological order
  23. Lets not,start on that the official movie order for the F&F is weird Austin....just stop...lol It really is if u go by order tokyo drift like 7 in the chronological of events
  24. Lets not,start on that the official movie order for the F&F is weird
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