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  1. Yah Arthur looks a lot better with facial hair than he doesn't
  2. Well I know you can have talks with Tilly depending on what you done
  3. So I decided a play a brand new game me being evil per se all in first person
  4. So I really just love killing people and dumping bodies into fires I don't know I hate money glitches because it just feels like cheating when it really isn't that hard to make money
  5. So what states are represented in Red Dead I'm assuming Texas because of swamp and crocodiles
  6. That's technically still in I mean I've done it for bounty hunters only because it's cheaper than paying the 300 something bounty
  7. Yeah it took me awhile to understand the pelts to begin with to I thought it's always automatically a perfect Pelt if you shoot him in the head turns out you really have to check the stars of the animal before you shoot the animal
  8. Yo I'm surprised my horse and me is still alive after how many times I ran into s*** got thrown off
  9. 3 years doubt they go with gta for the next gen like always it probably be a decade before we get a new one
  10. Actually you can right now my horse is malnourished and I'm underweight you can't die from it but your health just get lower
  11. Am I the only one or do we all just forget to feed a horse or ourselves
  12. Yeah but after something like GTA online will be expecting more
  13. I'm kind of curious on how onlines going to be I wonder if they're going to make the world smaller cuz if it's anything like GTA online where it's the same world rarely going to run into people Plus doesn't seem like there's much they can add to it besides guns horses unlike they can with GTA online
  14. Well i kind like him better so far
  15. I can confirm the clan has returned to the game
  16. Honestly I won't be surprised if he's a random character for event like a long lost ancestor You know it's kind of fun just running into stuff on your horse and getting thrown off
  17. Plus it doesn't have to be vampires there's enough Native American lore they can add
  18. Yeah and people loved it Though if it's the same plan as it was for GTA we won't get any DLC
  19. You guys think they're going to make a zombie version with the game later on
  20. you know I haven't even done any missions yet I'm just going out hunting I love hunting in the game
  21. Man you don't know how many times I died by accidentally pulling a gun on someone in town
  22. Spoilers please It's not really a spoiler
  23. So how do you guys like playing the game first-person or third-person
  24. Can't believe how much detail they put into this game I just had a horse crap on me
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