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  1. Maybe I missed something but who is the woman that meet Arthur and keeps running away from him every time they meet up somewhere
  2. Man I'm,surpiae author didn't,starve never fed him,or the horse it was pain to keep having to remember
  3. Probably oversight from the development since you can eagle-eye every other lockbox and since it's technically a lockbox
  4. since they brought other characters in from other series not owned by Nintendo I think the sora or one of the other characters from Kingdom Hearts wood really work in this game
  5. So turns off if you antagonize people that can't too much one that will knock you out
  6. Same was true for GTA. Game could have been a lot better...but they went balls-deep into online, and abandoned the core game. Casual gamers like playing online and spending money on micro-transactions for stupid and useless shit. Sadly, the days of AAA DLC storyline content might be gone. To be fair single player storylines aren't that great when it comes to DLC unless I do something massive like Undead there's really no point of doing single player DLC win they can keep doing DLC for online which don't cost as much getting money and keeping the games alive until they make a new one Who did GTA V their online are still going strong when if it was just single player DLC it would have died long time ago
  7. You know I have to admit after replaying Red Dead one after Red Dead 2 you got a preciate how to story is so much better now that you know the background and how it's tied together
  8. Yeah plus the ridiculous amount of grinding you have to do to get gold it's a total failure
  9. Oh for the one from gta u got to go to ur social,club account
  10. I don't think you can get the gun in story mode you have to create it
  11. My guess they did that too not overload the servers as much
  12. You couldnt even explore it It like rockstar has this thing where u have to go to this other location every game happen in vice city or SA I do which on let u got to liberty city 5 red dead
  13. Idk im iffy with what they can do online unlike GTA the time period makes a huge handicap on the online play compare to gta online
  14. Not really they can easily connect them by saying their long-lost relatives
  15. You realize how many GTA characters are actually in Red Dead 2
  16. Maybe the next game can br about sadie
  17. The wild west was ready over by the time red dead played out u can play as jack trying to,keep together the old way vs the new
  18. Well duh he didn't have Arthur in the first game doing all the work getting on the money to bring in so he probably can't get the job done himself anymore
  19. I am so glad I decided to save right after the snow level I really hate the snow level I wish you could skip it
  20. Anyone else found Bigfoot they just did
  21. I'm sorry but every time I walk in the camp I can't do anything because of Reverend wants to talk
  22. I really wish we can shoot the Reverend
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