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    WWE Drama

    Nah they takw ot of ur pay
  2. Mango kid

    WWE Drama

    I doubt he pay anything
  3. Mango kid

    WWE Drama

    My guess is only because one of the sponsors contacted them
  4. Why in contracted performer they do the same to Mysterio if you're getting paid while injured you're basically getting paid for staying at home Why in contracted performer they do the same to Mysterio if you're getting paid while injured you're basically getting paid for staying at home
  5. Yeah I'm pretty sure he already announced his retirement he open a marina
  6. Damn thought be rowan who they lose first
  7. My guess this was so,call the straw that broke the camel back
  8. Anyone think Kingdom Hearts the original games will be ported to Xbox since they're releasing Final Fantasy 10 and 10-2 on Xbox next week
  9. Yeah he did he made the Goldust gimmick work any other guy and that gimmick with would have failed
  10. He made a gimmick work ur average guy would have failed
  11. Easy answer? It wasn't stuck beta status several months after the game's launch. It had plenty of content to start playing right from the start. Which is currently the polar opposite of RDR2's online mode. I'm pretty sure GTA online still technically in beta status
  12. I just think people outrage over nothing face online,makes,money main story doesn't after it bought I rather them drop some quality in graphics if it makes the game play better be less laggy
  13. actually that's what a fan said that's not what officially Rockstar set and they did it to make all mine and main story play better not just online
  14. Never said they shouldn't be used I just said they only have a group like that you can't really have a bunch of people the same gimmick running around doing the same thing it gets boring and it's nothing like a sanity gimmick that's original I mean the shield did it the Nexus did it it does get boring after awhile you do the same thing week after week
  15. Yeah but they already have that with the riot Squad.
  16. And it also got on rohs streaming services so they were part of a deal And for wrestling event it was pretty damn cheap for tickets front row was like 150 bucks Plus according to Cody he wont consider the event spld out unless there a but in,every city but there wasnt And you might not realize but roh change their contracts to be more like WWE with exclusive tivity in their contracts so the only wait roh Talent can be on the show is to have some kind of deal with them
  17. Because no company is going to put their name on something or promote something if they didn't have some investment into it cuz anybody remembers I don't know Barely Legal WWE didn't say they were doing it but they helped invest into that pay-per-view will guess what New Japan to the same thing with all that It's kind of obvious of course New Japan going to be invested they're trying to get a foothold in America well you know besides lending in their talent Again. They did not do that. Yeah they did NWA cmll AAA New Japan roh all landed talent to the event which means there are contracts money change hands meaning those companies were involved
  18. well you know besides lending in their talent
  19. They did do All In which was a great success across the board. All in was far from what I would call a success... really they only did 100k PPV buys, which is worse then ECWs first PPV, and ECW didnt have the internet or anything...So a completely sold out show of 10,000 fans that was self funded by these wrestlers who had zero experience putting a whole PPV together, was far from a success? Lmfao get out of here. Again you can't consider a sold out show when you saw on TV a lot of empty seats just because you saw it all your tickets doesn't mean people are going to the show just means people buy the ticket to sell them off
  20. I,doubt they r under pressure by them,at all
  21. It's because he was a homegrown Talent you see how well they fare on the roster
  22. How has online has it gotten better
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