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  1. aww someone cranky eat a snickers
  2. Did you not see what they've been talking about in the last like 15 posts? Nope on the phone The phone doesn't delete older posts. No,but it doesn't take to the very last posts unless u bump back up or refresh and I was lazy and didn't care to
  3. Did you not see what they've been talking about in the last like 15 posts? Nope on the phone
  4. he prob wanted to retire i mean he spent 30 years in one company
  5. I see zeb leaving so,he can retire I'm sure he ready to settle down
  6. So I believe in May the price for Netflix is,now 10 bucks a months min
  7. It is would u consider gta 3 4 5 sequels
  8. Which is what rockstar always does If people want call it 3 let them call it 3 it,just a title
  9. it would be 3 it like gta just a numbering system
  10. i did love undead. I felt guilty killing the last bigfoot hoping that trick to get red dead on xbox one was a hint. that they be release it but im still going wait for official annonce before i get my hopes up. maybe they make it a two pack so you get the first and the second game that would really help sell the game
  11. It was a former employee who said it. For Christ's sake. No it was a guy who doesn't want to be known that was told this by a former employee It,heresay No real,proof
  12. I save my hope for the official annoncement But all this is is just a rumor with no real proof to back it up
  13. So,much salt I always been lucky Some guy cancel his,pizza at Dominos and I got two free pizzas A thin crust black olive bbq chicken and a sasg and pepperaroni
  14. Brought Batman from game stop came home and notice when I put in the machine that there was also a wit her 3 disc in the case so I basicly got Batman. And for free witcher 3
  15. colombian version of breaking bad is funny as hell i also like the marco polo show but im watching hell on wheels now
  16. Dragon age inquisition Im at the part u meet iron bull idk if it just me but his face bugs the hell out of me
  17. form a leaked footage that Nintendo been taken down faster then lighting there 3 new characters annonce well one old not confirmed but I doubt Nintendo will being takeing down fakes it ganondorf baby bowser and another swordsmen character I never heard off before
  18. im finally going sit down and watch it and im wondering what came first dbz or dbz gt in terms of cannon story
  19. stop spaming the test it a bannable offense

  20. to be fair if it wasnt for the africans this country wont be as rich as it is today so you should thank them and yes im white

  21. hey u do no that the compaint coming from linda was proven fake right

  22. always makinf friends i see dont stop posting im to lazy to look for all this on other sites haha

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