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  1. It really does have a home improvement feel to it but also totally its own show
  2. Just found out that Shout Factory will doing pre zyuranger Sentai Seasons starting with Jetman
  3. It,more like,like cage then arrow the hero who doesnt want to,be a hero thing
  4. Found out abba coming out with new songs after 35 years
  5. I'd like everything sucks it kind of reminds me of Freaks and Geeks
  6. that they announce the next season of Power Rangers will be Go-Buster
  7. Snapchat announced that they are going to undo the update on February 20th
  8. well time to cancel my pre-order and move that money to something that comes out a little sooner
  9. So according to a coming soon to UK Netflix site so take with a grain of salt season 2 of series of unfortunate events will come out march 30
  10. One Man gang technically won the very first Royal Rumble
  11. For bright I like the concept but the movie was terrible I mean is started out good but then just went downhill from there
  12. Just heard they're bringing back the office sometime in late 2018
  13. They won't this prob be their last season Ashton not a strong enough actor to,keep the show afloat
  14. The show will,die after this season then Ashton not good enough to do,the show,on his,own and fez is doing ncis now
  15. That edge going be on vikings
  16. A random ass turkey showed up in my yard even though there's never been turkeys in my yard
  17. Give me Fair honestly when I first heard about it I thought the same thing
  18. So the ranch is safe they said they won't do,anything about Danny accusations
  19. No they've been investigating him for a while but he's also a member of the Church of Scientology and the investigation stalled
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