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  1. The problem with WCW wasnt that they took WWE stars, the problem was that they kept those guys at the top for too long and didnt elevate anybody until it was too late. And TNA isnt a good example because they were still overusing guys that shouldnt have been at the top in WCW anymore, again its about keeping guys at the top instead of elevating. Now I have no problem with AEW taking underutilized WWE talent and trying to make them stars. Someone like Heath Slater or even the Revival should be given a chance to succeed on a higher level. I wish Shawn Spears caught on after the Cody feud but I think he is kinda bland. Give all underutilized talent a chance especially if they have new scenery and challengers



    i was talking more like tna taking every wwe guy they got and giving them the world title there first month






    WWE is reportedly considering a mass release of superstars for early 2020.

    I doubt it now they're in full on "war" mode. They're desperately trying to hold onto anyone semi decent to keep them away from Cody's mob.

    In reality thought, wouldn't you want a brand new company to take on a bunch of talent they don't have plans for? Pay big contracts to have guys sit around and do nothing. Like if they released like say a Ryder or Slater what could have possibly do to help AEW with a ratings bump?

    Stunning Steve Austin > Stone Cold

    Oz > Diesel

    Diamond Studd > Razor Ramon

    Texas Red > Undertaker

    Sexton Hardcastle > Edge


    That's the reason you don't let talent go.



    yes but wcw kept taking wwe talent look what happen there a difference between when they were no name to when they have a name


    but im sure there smart enough not to pull a tna


    Actually he might be back in his own series



    On Thursday evening, news broke that actor Robert Downey Jr. is already in talks to return as Tony Stark/Iron Man for a new Disney+ TV series. If true, Tony would feature in a show called Iron Heart, based on the Marvel comic book series and character of the same name. In contemporary Marvel comics, Iron Heart is the alias for a new version of Iron Man, who is actually a woman named Riri Williams. In the series, Riri takes over the mantle of Iron Man from Tony Stark, who basically retires.

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