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  1. No it really was a bore way too much talking just drags episode out I saw was on maybe the second third episode it turns out I'm still on the 1st
  2. I didn't really like The Witcher found it a little boring
  3. Just realize after re-watching Empire Strikes Back Yoda to Luke that he's been training Jedi for 800 years he died at nine hundred years baby Yoda is 50 years old Yoda was teaching padawans as a baby
  4. I liked it it was good I think people nowadays over-analyze every movie they just don't enjoy them anymore cuz they have to dissect them
  5. It's not bad I mean it's not crazy but it's not bad it's pretty much the same of every other storyline they ever did on the same subject
  6. Honestly I would have thought Roland would have been released before Luke sad cuz I love Luke's look
  7. Episode 2. True but it was number one already before that but beside a cute factor add nothing to the show like if u take him out nothinf changes They only added him for merch sales
  8. Part of the thanks they should have revealed the big bounty as the last episode of the season with this whole season should have been about him trying to find it
  9. i was talking more like tna taking every wwe guy they got and giving them the world title there first month
  10. I doubt it now they're in full on "war" mode. They're desperately trying to hold onto anyone semi decent to keep them away from Cody's mob. In reality thought, wouldn't you want a brand new company to take on a bunch of talent they don't have plans for? Pay big contracts to have guys sit around and do nothing. Like if they released like say a Ryder or Slater what could have possibly do to help AEW with a ratings bump? Stunning Steve Austin > Stone Cold Oz > Diesel Diamond Studd > Razor Ramon Texas Red > Undertaker Sexton Hardcastle > Edge That's the reason you don't let talent go. yes but wcw kept taking wwe talent look what happen there a difference between when they were no name to when they have a name but im sure there smart enough not to pull a tna
  11. So I learned today that the Sega Genesis the original one is still in production in Brazil and the popularity won't slow down
  12. Today I learned that stone cold did not have permission and use his own money for his custom belt and shocked everyone backstage when he debuted on Raw
  13. Well because of the backlash Disney said they'll fix it and redo it in 2020 I also hate that they have title cards but no movies like Adventures of babysitting you can click on it but then it's like due to existing agreement is not available until 2021
  14. kind of you hate have to watch there youtube channel to know lot story amd character progession if they going that route for good they need to promote it more on tv
  15. I'm really hoping though at all the Disney Channel original movies that they used to make once every month will be added
  16. So Stone Cold will be interviewing The Undertaker on November 24th on the network
  17. dont like that war games are just a yearly match
  18. sense wwe brought back war games i want the triple cage to come back it always looked cool
  19. I might be the only one on this but I'm glad that EA is making NCAA football games again
  20. Dude moved his whole family to Connecticut lol I wonder if he thought it was going to be at at home role like the secondary writing team not traveling every week to shows
  21. My guess he probably didn't want to travel I mean how old is he now
  22. Actually he might be back in his own series On Thursday evening, news broke that actor Robert Downey Jr. is already in talks to return as Tony Stark/Iron Man for a new Disney+ TV series. If true, Tony would feature in a show called Iron Heart, based on the Marvel comic book series and character of the same name. In contemporary Marvel comics, Iron Heart is the alias for a new version of Iron Man, who is actually a woman named Riri Williams. In the series, Riri takes over the mantle of Iron Man from Tony Stark, who basically retires.
  23. So supposedly Robert Downey jr. Signed up to be Iron Man again in Phase 4 some think he's going to be a i
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