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    Music, Writing, Philosophy, Social Science, Psychology, Anime & Manga, The World, Foreign Languages, Computers, Visual Arts

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  1. WH!!

    WWE 2k20 Wishlist?

    I want the ability to freely edit hair and facial hair on in-game superstars... but unfortunately we all pretty much know that isn't going to happen again this year. :/
  2. WH!!

    WWE 2k20 Wishlist?

    The ability to finally edit hair and facial hair on in-game superstars.
  3. NXT dlc just released, so first thing I did was a create a tag team consisting of Aleister Black & Alexander Wolfe.
  4. First custom attire I've made for Braun Strowman,
  5. I think Angelo Dawkins and Sawyer Fulton need to be released... they're barely on NXT anymore and are both receiving the JTG treatment.
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