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  1. I have seen some people show concern that we might not be able to edit superstars attires this year like we could in 2K15-19... I honestly can't see them removing it, lol.
  2. This roster is really strange and offputting to say the least, no Alexander Wolfe, Killian Dain, WALTER. Only Jaxson Ryker of the Forgotten Sons, no Steve Cutler & Wesley Blake is odd. Idk, definitely not the roster I expected tbh, but I can see why some people were removed such as The Colons since they haven't been on TV in well over a year.
  3. Ramon Arnada is the manager for marketing https://twitter.com/Ramon3MR Also, 2K France revealed Sami Zayn not too long ago. What kind of reveal is this?! This has to be the worst I've seen in years of playing these games...
  4. Looking at these models, it looks we once again won't be able to edit hair or facial hair... I personally don't like Kofi's pigtail dreads. All in all I have to say the game is appearing fairly dull this year. Unless they're holding back something big like changing hair or new creation suite features & revealing the rest of the roster, they don't have my attention yet.
  5. A guy paid to lie more than anything, lol
  6. I would like to see some surprise NXT names as well like Raul Mendoza, Arturo Ruas, Kushida, Damian Priest, Forgotten Sons, and possibly some NXT breakout tournament superstars like Dexter Lumis, Joaquin Wilde etc. May be a stretch with all these names, but seeing as originals will be the DLC this year, its very possible they'll all be on disc imo
  7. I've been saying the same thing about editing hair & facial hair for in-game wrestlers for years... honestly I think a lot people want that options, but don't see it happening again this year, maybe in 2K21 when it comes to next gen perhaps. Personally I think no matter how much we want it, I don't see it happening bc it could result in legal problems due to image/likeness stuff and what not.
  8. WH!!

    WWE 2k20 Wishlist?

    I want the ability to freely edit hair and facial hair on in-game superstars... but unfortunately we all pretty much know that isn't going to happen again this year. :/
  9. Quite frankly, my expectations for this game are rather low this year. I don't see much changing from 2K19 other than a mere roster update, a few model/lighting changes and new career mode. The creation suite will likely remain the same with us only being able to dye superstars hair and the like. Dislike being a pessimist, but after years of these games, my expectations have really just hit an all time low. Kinda miss the arcade-like style of the old SvR games & bored with similation honestly.
  10. WH!!

    WWE 2k20 Wishlist?

    The ability to finally edit hair and facial hair on in-game superstars.
  11. NXT dlc just released, so first thing I did was a create a tag team consisting of Aleister Black & Alexander Wolfe.
  12. First custom attire I've made for Braun Strowman,
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