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    Music, Writing, Philosophy, Social Science, Psychology, Anime & Manga, The World, Foreign Languages, Computers, Visual Arts

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  1. NXT dlc just released, so first thing I did was a create a tag team consisting of Aleister Black & Alexander Wolfe.
  2. First custom attire I've made for Braun Strowman,
  3. I think Angelo Dawkins and Sawyer Fulton need to be released... they're barely on NXT anymore and are both receiving the JTG treatment.
  4. Issue with saving screenshots was solved, but here goes, decided to make Big E and Erick Rowan into a tag team.
  5. Not going to lie, Ambrose looks great in that punisher attire you created.
  6. Some GTA 5 on PC, modding is so awesome. Note: This is not director mode.
  7. Fooling around in director mode on GTA V lol.
  8. Has anyone here watched the anime series Corpse Party? Just wanted to know, I've heard its a pretty good horror anime.
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