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  1. NXT dlc just released, so first thing I did was a create a tag team consisting of Aleister Black & Alexander Wolfe.
  2. First custom attire I've made for Braun Strowman,
  3. WH!!

    Do you like Creepypastas at all?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Muur


      Only ones I've heard of is Lavender Town, Crazy Jeff and Slenderman

    3. WH!!


      Its pretty long, but be sure to check it out when you get the chance... one of the longest creepypastas too.
    4. Muur


      nah too much effort

  4. Who's the guy in your avatar?

    1. LEGION


      "The Villain" Marty Scurll. Current Progress World Champion

  5. Glad you're back man. :)

  6. Really like the Undertale gif in your sig. :D

    1. Jeb ★

      Jeb ★

      Thanks :D fellow Undertale trash?

    2. WH!!


      Yeah I only seen videos of it actually, but it looks good. I prefer Earthbound more though.

    3. Jeb ★

      Jeb ★

      Yeah haven't actually played it either. I've never played Earthbound D:

  7. WH!!

    Hey long time no talk, ha

    1. Muur


      lol I wondered when you'd pop up next xD how are you? anything new?

    2. WH!!


      I'm doing pretty well, other than that not much actually. I've watched an anime called Space Patrol Luluco, very similar to KLK & really funny!

    3. Muur


      I've slacked on anime, only ones I've been watching are Pokemon tbh. Picked up Dead or Alive though. Is fun. Got sacked last week too, so good times.

  8. I think Angelo Dawkins and Sawyer Fulton need to be released... they're barely on NXT anymore and are both receiving the JTG treatment.
  9. Issue with saving screenshots was solved, but here goes, decided to make Big E and Erick Rowan into a tag team.
  10. Not going to lie, Ambrose looks great in that punisher attire you created.
  11. Nice Avatar :o

    1. Jeb ★

      Jeb ★

      thanks, it's from the Netflix show Jessica Jones. Your avy's amazing too!

  12. Some GTA 5 on PC, modding is so awesome. Note: This is not director mode.
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