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  1. Hey folks, Anyone willing to make a face texture of a particular actress for me? I use them as a picbase for an efed character - cause I'm that kind of dork - and I'd be willing to flip someone some cash via paypal if anyone is willing to do it for me. Hope this doesn't break any board rules, don't think it should since it isn't paying for a CAW or anything.
  2. I actually like the face a lot. Too many face textures look totally perfect, gets a bit uncanny valley.
  3. Good stuff so far this year. I was very down on the body morphing before, but so far no one's work seems to have suffered.
  4. It badly needs some patches. Framerates are a real concern in a lot of matches. I was super excited about having three managers at ringside, but if you actually do it it slows the game to a crawl. And I have the day one patch they put out. CAW mode is hard to rank. Yes, body morphing being taken out really sucks. But in about ten minutes I was able to have make my CAW and be satisfied with his body type before moving on to the face. This process would have taken hours last year. But I feel like as I make more, they're going to look very samey. The face morphing is way better, with different textures and sliders. Plus the photo morphing is still in. That's all very awesome. What I really like is the new ability to apply materials to individual parts of clothing (particular colors, particular logos) instead of the whole blanket thing. Awesome new touch. The gameplay has a few differences that are really awesome. Backstage brawling is fun, obviously, but my favorite new thing is they totally changed their turnaround animations. Now, you stomp on the guy and he turns over or you just wind up, belt him in the face with a punch and he spins around. I love it. Way more natural. It's a mixed bag - but mostly good. I'm happy I spent the money on it, and I am not a rich man.
  5. Well, that's a preorder cancelled. The stuff that I use the game for (My own feds that heavily use CAWs) will be very screwed up by this. I'm gonna stick with 2k16.
  6. Off the top of my head, he beat Virgil with it at Uncensored 99
  7. I was able to download it around an hour ago on Xbox One by manually searching it. That new Macho Man elbow drop is GORGEOUS. Best high flying move they've ever animated.
  8. I like it! Very good rendition of Scrap Daddy
  9. Wait, Tyler Black's Rubik's Cube is in? The Rubik's Cube is a different move. Rubik's Cube: Small Package Driver: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qeAMtW8ORE4 And OP, the Small Package Driver without the pin actually looks like a pretty good fisherman's DDT.
  10. The hammerlock armbreaker is in because of Zack Sabre JR, not because of Manik. Manik got all his nonsense in last year. The armbar and leglock is in because of Kyle O'Reilly. I suspect this because they put in his Danielson style stomps to the chest as well. They were on a huge PWG and New Japan trip this year.
  11. In a year where EVERYONE is using one of two masks, you made an interesting spin! I love it dude! Great work
  12. It just takes a long, long time because it has to download all the logos now. You've got to just let it sit there and be patient.
  13. I have. Luckily my save downloaded from the cloud and it wasn't a big loss.
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