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  1. I dig me some fast rap, but not if every track is that way. I dig Speedom, though. Worldwide Choppers was better, however. Also, glad I decided to read this thread and discover Action Bronson... Good shit. *goes back into lurking*
  2. When it comes to Star Wars, I find the parodies that spoof them to be more enjoyable than the actual films themselves.
  3. ^^^^It's been years since I've seen it, but I thought the scenes in the Cell where they were inside the mind, were very cool. Anyway, I feel if not for Brandon Lee's untimely death, The Crow wouldn't even be close to being as big a hit as it was...
  4. Agreed. Even though it is horribly outdated compared to todays' standards, there's no need for it(or practically any other game for that matter) to ever be remade. An unedited re-release of the original, however, would make me happy in the pants. That being said, I wouldn't mind a REAL sequel to FFVII. And not some lame spin-off, either.
  5. Things like this are slowly tempting me to get a 360. If MGS4 ever gets announced for it. I'm getting one.
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