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  • Birthday 10/16/1989

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    Shawn Michaels
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    everything!! but tops are the beatles, Sublime, black sabbath, Tupac, Jaz-y , and Linkin Park
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    Quickstop Funployee
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    Xbox 360, psp, ps1 , ps2 , ps3.ps4
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    TNA,ROH.New Omega.
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    new jersey
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    wrestling,magic,music, and kevin smith movies.
  1. The Clan The War Lords!!!!
  2. The Royal Flush - king bobby roode, queen dana brooke, jack and ten the ascension, and the ace ricochet The Hardcore No Limit Soldiers - punkrock john cena, ryder, hawkins, strowman and apollo crews the main event mafia for 2019 - rollins, akam, rezar, lio rush, and nakamura.
  3. you cant over lap the music, they made it so you can cut it up a bit but its a pain. basically you pur cesaros siren then as soon as it ends you place deans track.
  4. using your hockey arena for the recent mlw shows, and picked up wrecked smackdown.
  5. is it possible to request vampiro's texture from that AAA game a while back?
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