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Status Updates posted by BlackToxic

  1. Congrats on becoming a Mod' :)

  2. I'm not sure, i didn't expect it to be honest, it's not like i left staff on the best of terms.

  3. Why have you lost the ability to spell? Hmmmm!? I Left staff because i have a stone in my shoe, bloody nightmare is what it is.

  4. Enter it! Oh and Merry Xmas ;D!

  5. I'd love to join Nexus but i can't wrestle, McMahon would never sign me.. though they did have Otunga and he can't either.

    Why do you ask Mr.Vampire 20 years old very much into wrestling and music? Are you scouting for WWE? Has it got that bad over there they have to ask Forum Moderators now?

  6. Hello Vampire 20 years old very much into wrestling and music.

    You have one hell of a long name.

  7. Topics can't be moved there for some silly reason, sorry. You'd have have to create the topic there yourself.

  8. Congrats Ernest, you deserve it ;D!

  9. Thank You :)! You have a Girls Aloud pic of the week XD? even the ginger one gets a week?

  10. Earlier today my worst fears came true, i was on a Dirtsheet and the pics were right there, thankfully they were censored but wtf would anyone think another Chyna porno is a good idea? that seriously baffles me.

  11. I Will never click that link, i fear the possibility of preview images or.. god forbid, a trailer.

  12. Empire of Dirt > Erratic Pattern. You know it to be true.

  13. oketteru? = u mad?

  14. I Had no idea they had talent. Period ;D.

  15. Well you've changed your video now lol, but yeah i'm serious! "Home Made Kazoku", two of them look exactly like the guys from the Tournament.

  16. Thank You :)! That Band on your Profile, are the members also Freestyle Footballers? I'm almost positive they were in some Jap' Tournament on TV a few weeks back.

  17. I Know, i was only joking :P

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