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    Triple H & Divas.
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    HHH, HBK, Santino, Shelton.
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    STEAK (Y)
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    Friends XX
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    riddle360, I deleted my account though I think.
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    Manchester, England.
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    Your mum.

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  1. Hey whats up... where you been all this time?

  2. Hey Dolphin, long time no see. I see your a G-Mod now - congrats. :) Hope your well dude & c'ya round.

  3. Hey KBC, long time no speak. Just thought I'd say hi :)

  4. Hey long time no see or talk, xD

  5. Hey dude, have you checked out my caws yet (straight_edge07)

  6. Nah I don't ay.

    I don't really like that much sports.

  7. Lol, I was bored at the time & nothing better to do ... Oh &, btw, do you watch cricket, by any chance, , mate?

  8. DUDE!!!...what's with the name change?

  9. Lol. Im alright, thanks for asking

  10. You're a girl & you're perty so only one, in the immortal words of Joey Tribiani, "how you doin" hyhy.

  11. Shut up Enjoi; you're silly. ¬_¬

    & hello there Ewok.

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