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    New Talent

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    TNA:Abyss, WWE:HBK, Diva:Maria
  • Favourite Music
    Crush 40, Rise Against, Disturbed, Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin, Hinder, ect.
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    Steak - red and bloody (i'm a carnivore, lol)
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    House, RAW, Smackdown, South Park, Family Guy...

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    Right where I need to be.
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    I'm into gaming, the WWE, hanging with my friends, and jamming out to music. Most of the time I'm just chillin' by myself on the computer, but I also play SvR '07 occasionally on my PS2 and games like Zelda or DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 2 on my Nintendo Wii. I have actually visited this site ALOT in the past, and figured I'd go ahead and make an account so I could show off some of my work. I'm not exactly the best at morphing, and I'm not all that good at making lookalikes, but every CAW I've made has turned out pretty good. Some of the CAW's I've made are:<br />Douche "The Pimpmaster" McNasty (don't ask... :P)<br />The Pwninator (That's right)<br />"The Lone Warrior" Triest<br />as well as others. I'll have them all submitted eventually, so keep a lookout for anything by eXo_Omni when searching. :)
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