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  1. Her booty is pretty nice too, if you ask me. It's gotten pretty big since she debuted on the main roster. not sure if big is the word to use. shes like a few centimeters bigger than Billie Kay. unless you think Bille Kays is pretty big too Well, not really that large in size,but what I meant was that her ass is a lot bigger than it was in 2015. She's way bigger now then compare to her last Full Sail match against Bayley in the Summer of 2015.
  2. Riott Squad is gonna on Ride Along and judging by the preview it could be one of the best Ride Along we seen.
  3. I notice in the intro of the new Ride Along episode had the part of the 2016 Draft where both Charlotte and Becky were crying since they weren't gonna be on the same show anymore. I think thats the first time they played footage of that.
  4. Mia has been roommates with Shyana and Duke for a while now.
  5. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bn_hMDVA6cd/?taken-by=chasingglorypodcast Becky to be on Lilian Garcia podcast this Monday.
  6. That was hilarious, tbh. All trying to play it down like he didn't want to take her to space mountain. I feel like Charlotte is in a constant state of telling Ric that he can't harass her friends. LOL Ric is that crazy Uncle to the other 4HW but seriously he never seen Bayley with her hair down before like what. Her being sexy i understand but the hair come on now.
  7. LOL Ric was thrown off by Sexy Bayley on Photoshoot.
  8. They both grew up being huge wrestling fans. Peyton hero is Eddie same with Sasha. Billie would go to every autograph session that happen in Australia same with Bayley going to every autograph session in NorCal area.
  9. Billie and Peyton are very similar to Bayley and Sasha.
  10. Dana had back luck going to back when was supposed have a program in NXT with Emma going up against Asuka and Devin Taylor. That was supposed to be Asuka first program in NXT then it got cut once Dana got hurt and Devin was let go.
  11. She was like 17 when she appeared on Nitro. If WWE was smart they should have Meiko Satomura be also a guest trainer for a week. Have her work with the less experience girls they have down there.
  12. Tokyo Sports reporting that Meiko Satomura will also be appearing in the Mae Young Classic.
  13. God i already see morons on Twitter complaining that Io gonna lose to Charlotte. Jesus this girl hasn't even done anything yet relax.
  14. https://twitter.com/tospo_prores/status/1000937086831149056 Tokyo Sports is reporting that Io Shirai is leaving STARDOM and signing with WWE. President Rossy Ogawa did not deny rumors of her withdrawal, and STARDOM's Korakuen Hall show on 6/17 is likely to be Io's last match before leaving.
  15. Alexa has that tape Bayley and Cesaro used on her shoulder.
  16. Yea that 4HW vs. 4HW match is gonna happen.
  17. WWE Shop has Patches and Pins now.
  18. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Eddie-Guerrero-Tribute-1967-2005-Mens-Black-T-shirt/231940442222?hash=item3600ba486e:m:mjuM1pV3thetNu0OyLw8_4A You're welcome
  19. I saw the post asking why did they put Ruby and Liv as heels on the main roster. I'm guessing its easier for them to get boo on the main roster then to get cheered. We saw what happen to Charlotte when they try to push her as top face in late 2015 the crowds crap on her.
  20. Bayley never had a problem hugging adults but this dumbass was trying to take a moment away from a kid.
  21. Nah i think they are still gonna be around in 2 years.
  22. At shows Bayley is always about the Kids first.
  23. Was it really better or it was just easier to sit through??
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