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  1. Her booty is pretty nice too, if you ask me. It's gotten pretty big since she debuted on the main roster. not sure if big is the word to use. shes like a few centimeters bigger than Billie Kay. unless you think Bille Kays is pretty big too Well, not really that large in size,but what I meant was that her ass is a lot bigger than it was in 2015. She's way bigger now then compare to her last Full Sail match against Bayley in the Summer of 2015.
  2. Well it looks like i finally have a reason to buy a new system.
  3. You mean this? https://www.reddit.com/r/SquaredCircle/comments/56kgiv/rumour_ach_leaving_roh/#bottom-comments
  4. Shit image the chants at the next set of NXT tapings.
  5. King Ross is hilarious. King Uh!!!! It's John o'clock get the *Censored* in there!!
  6. I thought ADR meant more than just "a guy" for Paige. they started a "family" by adopting some kids right? That's Del Rio's kid from his previous marriage.
  7. Don't think Paige is stupid enough to throw away her career over a guy.
  8. Yea but he can still be lying just to create buzz for himself.
  9. Wade and Cody did it the right way Ryback did not.
  10. Well maybe not a big deal since Goldust did wrestle last night at a house show.
  11. It's possible tbh. Del Rio has already realized that he isn't one of Triple H's boys and is probably just coasting for a paycheck until his contract expires and Sheamus probably isn't thrilled with his position atm just like Ryback. They're in their 30's now and probably came to the conclusion that the NXT prospects will be taking their spots sooner than later. Del Rio just came back and is getting actually getting paid(AAA is slow with money) and also since Sheamus will likely be in TMNT 3 WWE would want that publicity
  12. Tamina Naomi, Alicia Fox. Alicia signed a new 3 year deal not too long ago. Yep and also they need females heels since almost all the ones that can work are hurt.
  13. Del Rio and Sheamus aren't leaving anytime soon.
  14. He's gonna be back in a couple of years.
  15. Tamina Tamina is hurt and she won't be release since there is a lack o female heels on the roster.
  16. That's in any job of course you're going to get in trouble for saying bad things about a company you still work for.
  17. Well its not like you won't see Wade and Sandow again in WWE.
  18. I'm sure Cena, Bryan, Miz, Tyson and Ambrose loved his comment.
  19. Ryder is still being use on WWE and NXT and Tamina is out with a injury.
  20. I blame Hogan for Sandow getting let go.
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