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  1. At the minute it's been GTA V for Online Heists, WWE 2k15 and the odd few games of Fifa 15. I need new games. Battlefield Hardline looks good I seen Dashie playing it yesterday.
  2. Trish dumps Y2J for Christian and from the looks of it Christian dumped her to be with Y2J.
  3. He did do that magazine pose that gay guys look at so who knows.
  4. Looking for Sensational Sherri pics came across these.
  5. RAW is White (referring to Betty White as Guest Host) during black history month.
  6. Lol, he's not.. He wouldn't have any idea what a CAW is... Somebody made him in the game and he started freaking out asking why WWE put him in the game and nobody told him about it .
  7. KidbehindaCamera is on Caws.ws? Is AngryGrandpa a member too?
  8. For some reason Undertaker looks fat in that. ____ Undertaker as a boy. _____ Undertaker & Randy Savage.
  9. This without question has to be the creepiest piece of Hogan Merchandise that I have ever seen.
  10. Good ol' days. Doubt we'll ever see stuff like this again. People would be so ecstatic to see a woman getting choked by the leader of a demonic cult in 2014Awesome photo, this was taken the night after Wrestlemania 15, when Steph was kidnapped by the Ministry for the first time, man I miss this. Isn't that Sable though?
  11. Really like this image. Wish Drew was still The Chosen One and feuding with Sheamus.
  12. When in February is this back on TV? (UK)
  13. Why is "shoots him in the face" in quotation marks? The Governor IS dead they confirmed it on Talking Dead. I know we didn't see the actual gunshot, but they'll probably cover that next time and theres no way he could survive that stab. You just answered your own question. We never seen it and true he'd never survive that stabbing to the heart but you never know she might have shot someone else (maybe herself) and left him for the walkers.
  14. Just one very crazy episode. Very good episode too. Wondering what the plan is for February.
  15. I'd love to see a british version myself. Love the idea of starting in Glasgow. Could even do Glasgow to Edinburgh and then have it come down to Newcastle and work through England from there.
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