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  1. At the minute it's been GTA V for Online Heists, WWE 2k15 and the odd few games of Fifa 15. I need new games. Battlefield Hardline looks good I seen Dashie playing it yesterday.
  2. Currently creating Superstar Stories on WWE'12

    1. Haas3-16


      Finished the first week of RAW. Will work on First week of Smackdown! later on.

  3. Got new 160mb PS3 slim and Fifa 12 for free. Plus bought inFAMOUS 2

  4. Nope, I got it from some site, can't remember what it's called though.

  5. Yeah Trade-in prices are bullshit.

  6. crap I mean PES 2009 lol.

  7. PES 10 should have been at least £20. I hardly played it and it was in very good condition.

  8. Because I don't really have any CAWs worth speaking of!.

  9. Just wondering if you have or plan on doing Cody Rhodes' moveset for SVR2010.

    Great work on the movesets btw. Awesome.

  10. Just wondering if I could add you on PSN. Really good storyline with the WWE Lives btw. Enjoying that.

  11. Feel free to add me on PSN. I just connected my PS2 back up last night lmao. Let us know if PSN is working and I'll set up my PS3 again. Cheers.

  12. Yeah mine too. I only when off to watch WWE Vintage collection and I go to play SVR10 and it gave me that error, deleted my trophies and made my clock go backwards.

  13. Who Paul Scholes? Or Bin Laden?

  14. Uploaded storyline. PLAY! PLAY! PLAY! :P.

  15. First it's Cash Guy, now it's Cash Whore.


  16. Got a new cable and router. On PS3 right now but PSN won't let me sign in as it's being updated or whatever. Damn!.

  17. I'll be returning soon on PS3. So keep your eyes open lulz.

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