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  1. Anyone had anything like this happen in their game of GTA V on single player? http://youtu.be/yRyiqm445Ok
  2. Talking about this. https://youtu.be/MFZqLGY8Aw4
  3. I'd help but idk how to do that lol I'm down to join though when it's up and running. Edit: I'm on PS4 btw. It's more the type of crew this is, motto, rank names, etc. I just watched a video on custom emblems and I can't do that. I don't have the programs or the skill to do it. What different types of crews are there? I was always under the impression you just make a crew and invite members As for Motto and Names, I don't have a clue right now, though I'll add suggestions if I can think of some. Rank, I'd just use kind of like the Caws.ws ranks (e.g. jobber, main eventer, hall of fame, etc.) The logo, in no good with stuff like that so I'm no help there either Crew Types are Chatter Boxes, Thrill Seekers, Rebels, Soldiers, and All-Stars. I selected Soldiers. Motto I was thinking about "You're either with us or against us" but I don't feel it sounds great for GTA. I might just leave the Rank Titles as they are on the Social Club website. I'm gonna go with this as the motto. I'll obviously change my to our. Sounds so bad ass. Finished - Here's a link: http://rsg.ms/82d898b
  4. I'd help but idk how to do that lol I'm down to join though when it's up and running. Edit: I'm on PS4 btw. It's more the type of crew this is, motto, rank names, etc. I just watched a video on custom emblems and I can't do that. I don't have the programs or the skill to do it.
  5. I've decided I'm going to create a Crew for caws.ws. Help is welcome.
  6. Anyone on PS4 up for playing heists?
  7. At the minute it's been GTA V for Online Heists, WWE 2k15 and the odd few games of Fifa 15. I need new games. Battlefield Hardline looks good I seen Dashie playing it yesterday.
  8. Even though I've never played that 'Prison Break' Heist yet, I'd love to assist... that is, if I wasn't stuck here at work right now. I'm still stuck on this now. I guess people hate it or whatever. So any time your available and are on PS4 add me and we can play. That goes for anyone else. As I need bodies.
  9. I'm on the Prison Break Heist (PS4) and need people who know what they are doing to work with us. Anyone up for joining us?
  10. I had problems trying to hack on the third one and the drill kept overheating.
  11. I'll add you. I play on both PS3 and PS4. I've noticed that heists work alot quicker on PS3 than on PS4. Just something I noticed today. I had server issues on PS4. Anyway where are you from UK/USA/Europe? I'm from the UK. Just wanna make sure when we can play together timezone wise.
  12. Playing on PS3 right now and I'm on the Fleeca job but these players that join are either trolls or just don't know what they are doing because they are not completing their objectives. Finally completed the Fleeca job. Loving the cut scenes.
  13. I took Trevor's car as Franklin once and got it modded with the horns. Call them to hang out and switch characters (Michael calls Franklin you switch to Franklin) and they should bring their car to you. ______ Anyone made a crew yet for Caws.ws? I remember someone mentioning that we should do one plus I'm looking for a new crew as SA Saints Sensei is non-existent as I'm the only active member out of 3 people in the crew. Hoping to find something new for Heists.
  14. Is it just bicycles they we use in Hasta La Vista or can we use Dirt Bikes like in the movie? http://youtu.be/tMzsDsYtnFc I'd love to use my LCC Innovation for this. Would be cool if they gave use the clothes to match the movie.
  15. You hit the up and/or down arrow on the d-pad to do that now.Yeah. I ended up figuring it out. I thought because of the new Sniper we got last gen that something must have went wrong because we couldn't walk before. Still getting use to the new controller. Was it near Martin's hideout (the hut)?
  16. Rockstar needs to patch the Sniper Rifle as it doesn't zoom in/out instead you walk around with it. Just experienced this with Trevor trying to look for Ron so we can kill the Lost MC. Guess I won't be playing Story mode for a while (until it's patched). They removed from PS3 version? You can transfer an X-Box 360 character to PS4 but once you do that you can't transfer the same character on 360 to XB1. You can only transfer two characters if you have both last gen versions of the game so XB360 to PS4 and PS3 to XB1 for example. Shark cards bought on last gen can only transfer in a console family (PS3 - PS4). Hope that helps clear up any confusion. .
  17. My online character kinda looks like Jeremy from CinemaSins now. First person on a bike (mine being the LCC Innovation) is awesome.
  18. The update is broken or something. Keep getting cannot download even though I managed to get it to about 50%.
  19. You just need a social club account, then when you join online on PS4 you'll be given the option to transfer your character. Well that's me sorted.
  20. For transfering characters on GTA Online from PS3 to PS4 is there anything I need to do or will Rockstar do it automatically seeing as I'm still on Playstation?
  21. I'm on rank 124. We should *Censored* shit up together on PS4. A question about first person mode. How would it work with a prostitute? It'll probably be the first thing I try out.
  22. Trish dumps Y2J for Christian and from the looks of it Christian dumped her to be with Y2J.
  23. Is the GTA V/PS4 Bundle deal a disc of GTA or a download version like The Last of Us when you get a PS4 + Fifa 15?
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