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    HBK/Beth Phoenix
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    - Three Day Grace - Alterbridge - Disturbed - Drowning Pool - Foo Fighters - Korn - Limp Bizkit - Linkin Park - Saliva - Evanescene - Eminem - D12 - Michael Jackson - Metallica, etc.
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    White Scottish
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    Ray Donovan/The Walking Dead
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    Check about me page.
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    Paisley, Scotland
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    - Wrestling
    - Football (Rangers and Manchester United)
    - PS4
    - Playing WWE2K16/GTA V/FIFA 15/Rocket League
    - Listening to Music/Podcasts
    - Coming on here and talking to all you lovely people xD.

    Live Wrestling events I've been too are
    The TNA iMPACT Tour in January 2009 and the WWE DX Tour in November 2009 and WWE Live in November 2013.

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  1. At the minute it's been GTA V for Online Heists, WWE 2k15 and the odd few games of Fifa 15. I need new games. Battlefield Hardline looks good I seen Dashie playing it yesterday.
  2. Currently creating Superstar Stories on WWE'12

    1. Haas3-16


      Finished the first week of RAW. Will work on First week of Smackdown! later on.

  3. Got new 160mb PS3 slim and Fifa 12 for free. Plus bought inFAMOUS 2

  4. OMG bro you from Scotland? I live in Glasgow!

  5. Saw you're getting a PS3 again soon, took ya long enough. :P

  6. I love your Linkin Park Sig.

  7. That song made me xD

  8. Happy birthday to you Sir.

  9. Happy Birthday, broseph.

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