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    Official CAWs.ws Addict
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    HBK/Beth Phoenix
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    - Three Day Grace - Alterbridge - Disturbed - Drowning Pool - Foo Fighters - Korn - Limp Bizkit - Linkin Park - Saliva - Evanescene - Eminem - D12 - Michael Jackson - Metallica, etc.
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    White Scottish
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    Ray Donovan/The Walking Dead
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    Check about me page.
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    Paisley, Scotland
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    - Wrestling
    - Football (Rangers and Manchester United)
    - PS4
    - Playing WWE2K16/GTA V/FIFA 15/Rocket League
    - Listening to Music/Podcasts
    - Coming on here and talking to all you lovely people xD.

    Live Wrestling events I've been too are
    The TNA iMPACT Tour in January 2009 and the WWE DX Tour in November 2009 and WWE Live in November 2013.
  1. At the minute it's been GTA V for Online Heists, WWE 2k15 and the odd few games of Fifa 15. I need new games. Battlefield Hardline looks good I seen Dashie playing it yesterday.
  2. Lol, he's not.. He wouldn't have any idea what a CAW is... Somebody made him in the game and he started freaking out asking why WWE put him in the game and nobody told him about it .
  3. KidbehindaCamera is on Caws.ws? Is AngryGrandpa a member too?
  4. No offense meant or anything but why are you bumping literally hundreds of old topics?
  5. Today's Two Theme Are Doink The Clown (Heel) & Funaki Enjoy! and Comment Please .
  6. Yeah i don't see why not. Glad to help. Is it any themes or will you PM us what you want me to find? Just any theme you feel like posting. Remember though, only ECW, WCW, WWF or WWE themes Sure thing. .
  7. Yeah i don't see why not. Glad to help. Is it any themes or will you PM us what you want me to find?
  8. Evolution & Eddie Guerrero heel themes were awesome. I actually had Eddie's theme as my ringtone once cause it has a phone ring at the start .
  9. That totally makes know sense whatsoever .
  10. Awesome song. Tully, Ole, Arn & Flair FTW!!!
  11. Goldust/Bluedust whoever used/uses this theme. It's a great theme i really liked it. Orton's Voices theme i actually like and think it suits him now. What theme's are next if you don't mind me asking?
  12. Cryme Tyme Customs does sound better than Cryme Tyme Cenation but that's what they've been named. Anyway i'm sure they'll be in people can just create the stable.
  13. With this new hair style is Carlito getting a new gimmick or is he still an apple spitter?
  14. I'd like to see Minstry Taker make a return before Undertaker officially retires. That'd be awesome.
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