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  1. The patch is gonna have to be huge! They'll probably have to contact Yuke's to clean the mess up as there's no way 2K have a clue if they released it that way. I don't think all of the issues will be resolved at all, if anything, we'll find even more. This is the first time since 1997 that I've skipped a wrestling game (including imports) on release date and unless the PC modding community are gonna work with it, I'm not gonna bother. They've take way too much away and places too many restrictions.
  2. You can't save the movesets after they've been edited?
  3. I wish I was worried about that stuff. I think they'll keep most of the arcade type stuff in. I have feeling the actual wrestling sims aspect of the game is gonna be greatly diminished. I hope I'm wrong.
  4. Sorry, it wasn't James Saxon, it was here. https://twitter.com/cmpuls3
  5. I saw this posted earlier but it may have been removed. James Saxon posted on twitter that the finishers had been moved to: X+A
  6. Looks the same as the last few years which isn't a bad thing. I was hoping 2K would put up an article to explain the gameplay changes/improvements in 2k20.
  7. I'm interested to see the gameplay trailer. I hope they amp up the gameplay a little bit more but it's probably gonna be similar to 2k19. i hope they don't dumb it down in some way as it seems if they always take something out that's cool, gameplay mechanic wise. I'd love to see this go more into a sim direction but i just don't see that happening. What I really want to see are create videos, to see what all new moves/animation and new create a wrestler options have been added.
  8. Yeah, I agree with you. The lighting makes the models look less realistic.
  9. Screw all that Rap music DLC crap man! I don't want to see any DLC that has to do with rappers, metal gods or any other entertainers. 2K/WWE need to step up their game on many levels but I think the direction of the new game is pretty stupid. There's so much they could do to improve on the gameplay but it seems as if they're more focused on creating a mode and characters to sell to little 12 year old kids that don't really know anything about pro wrestling. I wish they'd focus on the hardcore players and flesh out the gameplay quite a bit. There's so much room for it to grow. New reversal system - based on weight class, fighting style or even character specific New submission system - all the meters get in the way of the on screen action, makes you focus more on red/blue meters than the actual wrestling Programmable A.I. - Fire Pro, King of Colosseum and even Virtual Pro 2 had this almost 20 years ago! New revamped CAW system - Bring back and enhance body morphing options, needs new hair system. Anyway, I got into wrestling games to play actual wrestling, not the Swamp Thing with a wrestling ring! There's so much more DLC options that would sell. Jeez, I'm sure a lot of people would be cool with getting new CAW features like hair styles, clothing, moves packs, etc.
  10. Rekka, if you're talking to me... that's the move I was refering to as Harley Race used to do it.
  11. The neckbreak move is an old school move. Harley Race used to do this to Flair all the time during their early 80's matches. I do hope it's in!
  12. I go for television style REALISM all the way! My friends and I pace the match, start off doing more simple wrestling like arm bars, headlocks etc. chain grappling building up to the more intense sttrpong strikes and grapples. It's way more fun for us to play this way creating more old school 80's and 90's matches. I do not want this series to move towards the arcade gameplay, I want it to move further into the simulation style. I'd love to see 2K add more chain grappling or the abilty to do it anytime, combo's into submissions, etc.
  13. 80's Hulkster should be in as there was a painting of him slamming Andre in the video. Ric Flair will be in too as you can hear him wooo'ing right after Stone Cold mentions beer.
  14. Timschel? He seemed cool but disappeared quite often. I'm sure he had no choice after so many pepole probably bothered the shit out of him by asking him lame questions all the time. Hopefully he'll come back and provide us with more details as we can give hime great feedback to share with the 2k/Yukes team. He's gotten some things fixed after members of this forum brought issues to his attention.
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