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  1. With Savage it made sense though, he was liable to get lost in the moment - look at the way he eliminated himself a year earlier. He realized he was over matched, and forgot the Rumble rules, reverting to instinct.
  2. I just love the end of that match, Randy goes for the pin and Yoko just launches him into space.
  3. Besides the ending, what was so bullshit about that match? Dunno, I really liked it. The aftermath was funny though, I think Shawn really caught Hunter in the jaw with the superkick. There's a scene on the DVD with them both in the trainer's room getting treatment, and Hunter is complaining he can't feel his face, and Shawn has hurt his leg.
  4. Is the full version of "True Story of the Royal Rumble" on the Network yet? All I could find was a 17 minute "First Look" - but Sky had an hour long version as the Royal Rumble Preview show - which I missed half of. Mind you a three hour box set on the Rumble is an expense easily justified.
  5. I had the Coliseum Video release of that. Bret V Shawn - "Bashed in the USA" Was also featured in the first ever WWF magazine I bought. Seriously?
  6. TIL that WWE trialed the Royal Rumble concept at house shows before the TV special.
  7. Lego Harry Potter is really great fun to play. One of the better Lego games, because of the range of things you can do. Also the Cube gun in Sonic Forces is absolute genius.
  8. FIFA18 and recently I've been playing NHL17 again. Just picked up the entire Lego Harry Potter collection for a snifter over £11. And I'm also playing Sonic Forces.
  9. 1992 is the Greatest Rumble ever.
  10. I've just bought myself Project Cars II as a Christmas present to myself. It's arriving Wednesday.
  11. Yeah, it's an expensive gamble - so I'm passing for now. I presume that it's simply two screens that show the same image, rather than one overlaying the other as 3D glasses work.
  12. How do we not have a "WWE2K18 Screenshot" thread?
  13. I've always wondered if it would work for me as I have a lazy eye and my brain pretty much ignores it, else I'd have double vision. The old green and red 3D glasses never worked for me. I assume you'd have to have full binocular vision for VR to work.
  14. Caught up with a couple of movies on Sky over Christmas. Assassin's Creed wasn't as bad as I was lead to expect, I mean it's not "seared in your brain - I need this on DVD" good, but it was enjoyable enough, if a little confusing at times. Lego Batman was hilarious. Will Arnett does such a great job and the satire of the series was superbly done.
  15. I believe it's supposed to be Noah (it's an Ark playset), although with the lantern I thought he looked like Bray.
  16. My daughter got a Playmobil set - featuring someone strangely familiar. He's here
  17. Today is my daughter's seventh birthday. So proud of the wonderful little girl she has become, doing well and having fun at school, happy and healthy. The amazing thing is how quickly it's gone.
  18. Checked my leave quota at work the other day and found I had an extra one and a half days left to take this year. Half day next Thursday finish for the year then - bonus!
  19. Roman is such a natural heel, the obvious thing is to have him mirror the Rock and turn heel first. Obvious to everyone except WWE.
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