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  1. Kids make Christmas magic again. It's all for them really.
  2. My daughter turned 6 yesterday so that was great to see all the birthday stuff, and tomorrow morning it's Christmas. Magic.
  3. I've gotta catch up with NXT, I had no idea Mickie was back!!
  4. Amazing, there's no feeling in the world like it. That's good, it is tricky doing that though, because you need to explore the possibility of being "more than friends" without risking what could be a good friendship - but at the same time you need to put your cards on the table before she meets someone - because whether that works or not, she'll be on the rebound for a bit, and that's never the right time. Best advice I can give from personal experience is see where it goes, maybe suggest the coffee earlier but on a "friendly" basis, and then take it from there. I got screwed around a lot by girls in my late teens, and had almost given up - but then I met the woman who would become my wife. I think it's simply a question of relaxing, whether you mean to or not, women can pick up on someone who is "trying" too hard. MEN? I went to my first WWE event there, back for Rebellion in 2000. I've seen Orton live, but not AJ - the last WWE event I went to was "Live in London" a couple of months ago, but it turned out to be a Raw show.
  5. That's pretty cool. How involved is it? I make a light plot/plan, along with the main designer, of a bunch of theatre lights/"fixtures", and decide what type of fixtures, where they're gonna be placed, what spotlight colors, how strong the light will be, and then we make up cues of when individual or group of lights will be turned on and off, then put those cues into a lightboard. Then the "master electrician" is in charge of (is supposed to but I'm gonna help) hanging those lights up on a bunch of metal beams at the theater's ceiling based on the light plot(yes we have to climb ladders lol). Then whenever our theatre production premieres a lightboard operator just plays the cues in sequence. This must be a weird read yeah there are accessories that go in front of the bulbs and can make pictures and stuff. I'll bet it's changed a lot since I was doing the lighting in the college TV studio about 13 years ago. I think we only had 6 lights for a start!! It's always interested me, I love the lighting treatments used at WWE for example.
  6. King Ross is hilarious. King Uh!!!! It's John o'clock get the *Censored* in there!! I love WTF moments. Can't wait for them after each show.
  7. Why not? They've funded it through the youtube channel and their own merchandise - and they're booking great independent talent. It's not like it has a lot of rivals in the UK either. I'm glad that they're letting the wrestlers shine, and using their presenters as comic relief.
  8. Can guarantee it wasn't Triple H, apparently he'd been pushing for WarGames since the Elimination Chamber was created in 2002.
  9. Surprised he's getting away with using "Ryback" and "feed me more" - Would have thought WWE had those trademarked up the ass.
  10. Either that or the fact he was working his ass off making it entertaining and post Amell, they did absolutely nothing with it.
  11. Well having been looking at the very real possibility of being unemployed from August 12th (I've been job hunting and even had interviews), today I received a call from my agency offering me an extension to January!! Actually looking forward to Monday so I can sign that MF'er.
  12. Just found out Critical was canned. That show was brilliant.
  13. Forza Motorsport 6. Did a touring car race around Brands Hatch, turned the AI drivatar difficulty up to maximum and finished 10th. Quite a leap up from my old difficulty. Also loving Hitman, such great fun.
  14. Just wiped mine to clear the logos, but CC seems to be being in a mood.
  15. I would guess because WWE owns his other one.
  16. Probably because they want the workers to focus only on wrestling and don't want them making more money, so they'd be forced to rely on WWE? I think if some of the guys had something to fall back on, according to many sources who say the current locker room should speak up more, they'd grow balls and stand up to WWE more. It's been said many guys stay quiet because they're comfortable with their stable paycheck and don't want to lose that, whereas other ventures could afford them money to tell WWE they refuse to do this or that. Might also be favoritism too, but I'm basing that on WWE using CM Punk's company-on-attire idea and giving it to Sheamus. But good for Brandi. I hope she and Cody find success in whatever they do, Cody's definitely earned it. What do you mean? What's the story on this, I never heard of this before. Oh, apparently it was Lesnar, as above people have said. Google did tell me Punk wanted a part of TMNT, but it went to Sheamus instead. Why did I think of Sheamus, then? Still, it shows how shitty WWE can be. Out of those who we know aren't happy/weren't happy, I only see Ziggles and Cody being successful. One of the reasons why I don't see it being a positive thing when NXT stars are called up. Punk often said he wanted to play Casey Jones in a "TMNT" film, meaning in general, because I don't think the new films had begun production at the time. His issue with film roles was over the Marine - and Triple H telling him he wouldn't be filming at the time of the European tour - when Punk proved he was right, they switched the role to Orton without telling him.
  17. Aw man, Stardust was one of the most entertaining characters, he was really poorly used though.
  18. I see your Friday 13th remix, and give you this; NSFW - Some swearing
  19. I have a funny feeling that the "major star" might be Orton. I couldn't really support an argument as to why, it's just a feeling that he's reaching the end of his run.
  20. Nothing personal, I enjoy his character - I just fear for him, if Zack is going to be a singles competitor again he could get lost in the shuffle.
  21. Bet the next releases are Ryback, Rose and Konnor. Possibly Viktor too. I don't like Mojo Rawley's chances either.
  22. When is this board getting a "like" button?
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