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Stuck in the 80's

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About Stuck in the 80's

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    Lower Midcard
  • Birthday 03/29/1974

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  • Favourite Wrestler
    The Hart Foundation
  • Favourite Music
    mOST SINGERS FROM THE ORIGINal mowtown record label, red hots [ smoked with flea], too many, i own so much music...........
  • Occupation
    retired/ grow certain plants
  • Console(s) Owned
    pong, intellivision, sega, sega cd , ps1 psp ps2 ps3
  • Favourite Wrestling Company
  • Orientation
  • Favourite Food
    Thai, Japanese, Mexican, Indian
  • Ethnicity
    french/Irish Canadian
  • Favourite TV Show
    TRAILER pARK bOYS, sopranos, Hocky Night in Canada

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    Vangroovy, Canada
  • Interests
    Travel [ lived in thailand for 6 years]<br />Working out[more of a task]<br />Rolling greens, Reading, cooking and eating with friends and family.<br /><br />I played every frigin sport until I tore my knee apart, watch sports and dream of what could of been.......nothing.
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